Pine Cone Glitter and Glue Ornament Craft for Kids

Pine cones are a wonderful natural material to gather in the fall for arts and crafts activities. They're easy to paint, they're pretty much unbreakable, and their rough texture adds a unique sensory experience to any activity.

Pine cone ornament with glitter and glue craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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Visit our Pine Cones Pinterest board for a post explaining how to clean the pine cones you bring in from outside.

If you do not have pine cones available in nature, they can often be found in craft stores. Here is an Amazon link for your convenience where you can purchase pine cones.

Pine cone ornament - Preschool Toolkit

Here are the supplies you will need: pine cone, narrow curling ribbon, cotton balls, glitter, glue.

Glitter and glue are fun materials to use in an art activity but they can be a little messy! Be sure to wear smocks or paint shirts and use drop cloths.

Pine cone ornament - Preschool Toolkit

Wrap ribbon around the pine cone. The ribbon has a natural curl as it comes off the spool which is helpful when children are winding it around the pine cone.

Leave enough ribbon at the end to make a hanger.

Pine cone ornament - Preschool Toolkit

Pull some bits of fluff from a cotton ball and push them into the crevices of the pine cone.

Pine cone ornament - Preschool Toolkit

Put dabs of glue on the pine cone and shake glitter onto the glue.

I used confetti flakes for this activity, which is a larger flake than glitter. Place some flakes in a small dish or jar lid, then pinch it between the fingertips and drop onto the glue on the pine cone.

Pne Cone Ornament Craft for Kids - Preschool Toolkit

Hang decorated pine cones on a Christmas tree or wreath just as they are.........

Pine cone ornament with decorative bow - Preschool Toolkit

.......or make bows for kids to attach to their pine cones.

Pine cone ornament with burlap bow kids crafts - Preschool Toolkit

A pine cone wrapped with gold ribbon looks awesome trimmed with a homemade burlap bow.

Add a decorated pine cone to a wreath or planter arrangement.


More pine cone art activities:

  • Paint pine cones with a paintbrush. Shake glitter over the wet paint. Allow to dry.
  • Roll pine cones in a tray of paint and then roll them across a large sheet of paper.


Ribbon with wire edge found on Amazon





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