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Easy Felt Easter Egg Sorting Activity

Decorating felt eggs sorting and creating activity for toddlers and preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

Easter egg activities come in all shapes and sizes, with many different materials. This simple tray activity is an invitation for toddlers and preschoolers to practice sorting, matching and creating with...Read more about 'Easy Felt Easter Egg Sorting Activity'...

How to Make Felt Letters of the Alphabet

Felt letters of the alphabet you can make for felt board language activities - Preschool Toolkit

Make a set of alphabet letters for the felt board that will engage and entertain your early learner. Felt is a perfect material for making letters of the alphabet - it...Read more about 'How to Make Felt Letters of the Alphabet'...

3 Simple Solutions for Storing Felt Pieces

Storage solutions for large and small felt pieces - Preschool Toolkit

If you're like me, you love using felt fabric in kids crafts and activities, from cut outs on the flannel board at story time, to felt pages in book form...Read more about '3 Simple Solutions for Storing Felt Pieces'...

Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board


Caterpillars are fun insects for kids to explore - they're fuzzy, and crawly, and they like to climb trees to munch on leaves! Try this fun activity for kids that...Read more about 'Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board'...

How to Make a Travel Size Felt Board for Kids

mini felt collage

A mini felt board is easy to make and provides a quiet, mess-free activity that is ideal to take along when traveling with kids.

Read more about 'How to Make a Travel Size Felt Board for Kids'...

Help the Snowman Find Matching Mittens on the Felt Board

Snowman with matching mittens felt board activity - Preschool Toolkit

The felt board is a great resource for providing quiet time activities for kids. Use felt cut-outs of a snowman, hats and mittens, to play matching games on the felt board.Read more about 'Help the Snowman Find Matching Mittens on the Felt Board'...

Bunny Fridge Magnet Craft for Kids

feature image8

As spring approaches, kids can have fun with crafts and activities that celebrate the season. This includes baby animals such as chicks, lambs, and, of course, bunnies! Kids can make...Read more about 'Bunny Fridge Magnet Craft for Kids'...

Make Your Own Felt Board

felt image

A felt board offers many opportunities for children to play and learn. You can easily make a felt board for use at home or in the classroom.Read more about 'Make Your Own Felt Board'...

How to Make a Felt Book for Fine Motor and Sensory Play

DIY felt book for sensory and fine motor play - Preschool Toolkit

You can easily make this felt book for fine motor and sensory play. Kids will have hands-on fun as they explore this homemade book by tugging fasteners, zipping zippers and more. Read more about 'How to Make a Felt Book for Fine Motor and Sensory Play'...

Felt Snowman Decoration

snowman image

Making snowmen is always fun, especially when it's as easy as this felt snowman craft! This is a fun craft for kids to make as gifts for friends or relatives...Read more about 'Felt Snowman Decoration'...


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