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Fun Easter Egg Craft for Preschoolers

Foam tray Easter egg craft for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

It's spring! Time to embellish crafts with cheerful trimmings in all the pastel colors - pink, yellow, light green and mauve.Read more about 'Fun Easter Egg Craft for Preschoolers'...

Easy Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Easy Christmas tree craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

Christmas trees are a big part of holiday preparations. Large or small, real or artificial, Christmas trees with their glittering lights brighten our homes with a special glow.Read more about 'Easy Christmas Tree Craft for Kids'...

How to Add Pine Cones and Burlap to your Christmas Decor

DIY Christmas decor with pine cone and burlap - Preschool Toolkit

Christmas decorating often includes pine cones at our house. Fortunately we have plenty of pine cones available around our pine tree.Read more about 'How to Add Pine Cones and Burlap to your Christmas Decor'...

Holiday List of Children's Books with Christmas Magic

Children's books about the magic of Christmas - Preschool Toolkit

The Christmas season is a magical time, filled with glittering tree lights, festive baking, and stories and traditions that have been passed on for generations.Read more about 'Holiday List of Children's Books with Christmas Magic'...

How to Make a Tassel Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

Tassel angel Christmas tree ornament - Preschool Toolkit

We love angel crafts, and have created everything from a tissue paper angel ornament, to a choir of angels decoration made with funnels! This little tassel angel might just be our new favorite.Read more about 'How to Make a Tassel Angel Christmas Tree Ornament'...

A Special Kid-Made Gift: Snowflake Bookmark

Snowflake bookmark kid-made gift - Preschool Toolkit

Gifts made by kids are among our most treasured. We know how much love and care go into the gifts kids create for family and friends.Read more about 'A Special Kid-Made Gift: Snowflake Bookmark'...

Celebrate Canada Day with a Fun Noisemaker Kids Can Make

Canada Day festive maple leaf noisemaker

Summer festivities are in full swing, including events celebrating national and regional holidays. Help celebrate Canada Day by transforming ordinary sticks into amazing noisemakers.Read more about 'Celebrate Canada Day with a Fun Noisemaker Kids Can Make'...

How to Decorate for Canada Day with Easy Family Crafts

Celebrate Canada Day with homemade decorations the whole family can enjoy

National holidays are perfect opportunities for family celebrations. Watch a parade, or attend a local concert, then gather together for a potluck dinner or a backyard picnic.Read more about 'How to Decorate for Canada Day with Easy Family Crafts'...

Mini Easter Basket Craft for Kids

Mini Easter baskets - Preschool Toolkit

Spring is a wonderful time of year for crafts and activities with kids. It's the season for planting. It's the season for painting with pastel colors.Read more about 'Mini Easter Basket Craft for Kids '...

How to Make Shamrock Paintings with Preschoolers


We love celebrating St. Patrick's Day, especially with fun crafts and activities. You might already be saving empty egg cartons for Easter activities.Read more about 'How to Make Shamrock Paintings with Preschoolers'...



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