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Help the Snowman Find Matching Mittens on the Felt Board

Snowman with matching mittens felt board activity - Preschool Toolkit

The felt board is a great resource for providing quiet time activities for kids. Use felt cut-outs of a snowman, hats and mittens, to play matching games on the felt board.Read more about 'Help the Snowman Find Matching Mittens on the Felt Board'...

Fall Leaves Preschool Sorting Activity

Autumn leaves sorting activity - Preschool Toolkit

The crunch of autumn leaves under your feet is a sign of the changing season. For many of us it means raking leaves! Fortunately there are also lots of exciting...Read more about 'Fall Leaves Preschool Sorting Activity '...

How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers


Feathers are a great option for kids crafts and activities. They are easy to set up and clean up, they are lightweight, and they are quiet; you can do this...Read more about 'How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers'...

Kids Can Paint Wood Blocks for Fun Activities

Matching activity using small wooden blocks

Wood blocks are a wonderful option for kids activities, promoting fine motor and imaginative play. In this activity, kids can paint, sort, and play matching games.Read more about 'Kids Can Paint Wood Blocks for Fun Activities'...

Fun Math Activity: Sorting Jar Lids

Sorting jar lids math activity for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

Jar lids are a great option for kids activities: they come in lots of bright colors; they are mess-free; and they are easy to handle and store.Read more about 'Fun Math Activity: Sorting Jar Lids'...

Sorting Shapes

sorting image

This quiet time activity is easy to make and lots of fun to play. Engage kids' fine motor and math skills matching everyday objects to their shape outlines. Read more about 'Sorting Shapes '...

Tracing leaves

Tracing leaves activity for kids

Exploring the world around them is an important part of children's early learning. Take a walk through your neighbourhood. Observe the trees and leaves.Read more about 'Tracing Leaves'...


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