How to Use Lego® Horses in a Small World Equestrian Event

Round up some LEGO® horses and riders for this small world equestrian event. Build an obstacle course with fences and walls, then jump in and have fun!

Small world equestrian event with building blocks and miniature horses

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These little bricks offer amazing opportunities for imaginative play. They can easily become towers in a castle, or rockets on a launchpad. 

The variety of blocks and characters inspire creative play ideas. If you have a few horses and riders, you can set up an obstacle course for your own equestrian event.

Equestrian jumping is an exciting Olympic event. Horses are trained to jump over fences, ditches and even brick walls! The grace and strength of these animals never fails to impress me. 

Creating an obstacle course for small world play presents an interesting challenge for you and the kids. Building structures with interlocking bricks is great fine motor play, and has endless variations.

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Equestrian event with Lego®

Supplies for equestrian small world play with lego bricks


  • LEGO® bricks, horses and riders
  • artificial flowers
  • burlap or felt
  • homemade fences

Along with the building bricks, gather materials you have on hand to build fences, bushes, walls, water hazards or other obstacles for your course. 

 I use small artificial flowers, craft sticks, and burlap fabric in the tutorial. 

Instructions for equestrian event

Horses and riders small world play for kids


Step 1. Spread a piece of burlap fabric on a table or on the floor to outline the arena. 

Step 2. Build a brick wall with the blocks.

Step 3. Make fences with craft sticks as shown in the photo. Support the fences in solid foam or modeling clay.


Small world play with mini horses and obstacle course


Step 4. Arrange the walls and fences to form the obstacle course for the horses and riders.

Add details to build the course.

  • Place flowers next to the fences. Build a water hazard with blocks.

Line up the horses and you are ready to begin the main event!


Preschool small world play with horses and building blocks


Ways to play with the equestrian jumping course:

  • Time each rider as he goes through the course.
  • Count the obstacles as your horse jumps over them.
  • Count the strides your horse takes between fences.
  • Measure the height and length of a fence or brick wall.
  • Set an actual dish of water on the felt pond for your horse to splash into!

Have fun training your horse to make some amazing jumps!


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