Halloween Ghosts Painting Activity

Kids will love creating lots of not-so-spooky ghosts in this fun Halloween painting activity. This activity is sure to become one of your favorites. It promotes creativity and sensory play in a truly hands-on painting process. 

 Halloween ghosts sponge painting activity for kids

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Halloween crafts and activities are filled with all the ghosts and goblins you can imagine. 

This ghost painting activity is simple to do with just some white paint and kitchen sponges, but the results are bootiful! Who's ready to get their hands messy with some fun sponge-ghost painting?

Ghost painting activity

Painting with kids just got a lot more fun using sponges as painting tools. The resulting ghost have texture and character that make them cute and appealing.

Add this painting activity to your Halloween theme for a fun sensory experience using fine motor and creative skills.

Supplies for ghost painting activity

 sponge ghosts supplies for painting activity


  • kids washable white paint
  • black construction paper
  • craft eyes or black marker
  • sponges
Instructions for ghost painting activity

Sponge ghosts preschool painting activity


1. Draw ghost shapes on sponges with markers and cut out.


Press sponge on paper to make imprints of ghosts


2. Pour white paint into a tray.

3. Place a sponge ghost in the paint. Press the sponge down with your hand. Make sure all parts of the sponge pick up some paint. 

Transfer a few imprints to a piece of cardboard first to ensure the sponge is well coated with paint.


Sponge painting ghosts activity for Halloween theme


Paint ghosts on paper with sponge stamps


4. Stamp lots of sponge ghosts on black paper.

 Sponge painted ghosts preschool Halloween activity


5. Add eyes or other features with black marker.

Decorate your home or classroom with the awesome pictures created in this Halloween Ghosts Painting Activity!


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