Snowman Painting Activity with Christmas Countdown Book

Reading Christmas books with kids is a special part of the holiday. We came across Snowbear's Christmas Countdown at the library recently and not only loved the story, but knew we could have fun with a snowman painting activity.

Snowman painting activity inspired by Christmas book - Preschool Toolkit

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Snowbear's Christmas Countdown tells the story of Snowbear as he gets ready for Christmas. Snowbear plans an activity for each day, which he is able to complete with the help of his forest friends. And he doesn't let a bad cold dampen his holiday spirit!

Snowman painting Christmas book activity - Preschool Toolkit


Kids get excited as the holiday approaches. They will ask 'how many days 'til Christmas' or check off the days on a calendar.

Snowbear's calendar page for the month of December is filled with holiday preparations. His plan for Day 7 of the countdown is to build a snowman.

Kids can make a snowman with simple craft materials for their own holiday countdown.




Snowman painting Christmas book activity - Preschool Toolkit

Paint the tops of the jar lids, or dip them in paint on a foam tray, and press onto the paper.

Paint the tops of the spools, or dip them in the paint on the foam tray, and press onto paper for snowflakes.

Snowman painting Christmas book activity - Preschool Toolkit

Paint inside the three circles.

Paint some snow on the ground.


Snowbear Christmas book and painting activity - Preschool Toolkit

Complete the snowman picture with a hat, a scarf, eyes and carrot nose.

Dip the end of a pencil (the eraser part) in black paint to make the buttons on the body of the snowman, and then dip the tip of the pencil in black paint to make the eyes and mouth.

We used the picture on the back cover of the book as a guide to paint our snowman, but kids can be creative with their pictures. 

Simply provide the materials and kids will have fun making the snowman their own.

Display the beautiful snowman drawings as part of your holiday decorations.

This activity is part of the 30 Christmas Book + Crafts Ideas for Children

Christmas book with craft series for children - Preschool Toolkit

Here are some of the amazing activities in this roundup:

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Christmas book with craft series for children - Preschool Toolkit


Snowbear's Christmas Countdown is filled with fun ideas to include in a holiday countdown.

Do you have your own ideas for countdown activities? Share them in the comments.


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