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Easy to Make Rings for Family Ring Toss Game

Make a ring toss game using recycled materials for indoor or outdoor family fun - Preschool Toolkit

Set up a game of ring toss in minutes with these colorful homemade rings. Provide fun for the whole family with a game of ring toss that can be played...Read more about 'Easy to Make Rings for Family Ring Toss Game'...

Valentine Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids

Valentine bean bag game for kids - Preschool Toolkit

You often plan special games and activities for holidays and events, including Valentine's Day. Bean bag toss is a popular game that can easily be set up with a Valentine theme.Read more about 'Valentine Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids'...

Easy to Make Heart Shaped Bean Bags for Kids Valentine Games

Make heart shaped bean bags for kids games and activities and add them to a Valentine theme - Preschool Toolkit

Kids love bean bag games any day of the year. You can make the games a little more festive for a Valentine theme with these heart shaped bean bags.Read more about 'Easy to Make Heart Shaped Bean Bags for Kids Valentine Games'...

How to Use Scrabble Tiles for Early Literacy Games

Letter tiles provide fun and easy literacy games for early learners

Board games offer great opportunities for family fun. Scrabble is one of my favorites because it sharpens math skills, challenges word power, and easily adapts to different skill levels, so...Read more about 'How to Use Scrabble Tiles for Early Literacy Games'...

Simple Valentine Counting Game for Preschoolers

Math cards DIY with Valentine theme for preschool counting and sorting activities

Holidays and special events add a festive touch to games and activities, and Valentine's Day is no exception! In this Valentine activity, kids sort, count, and match heart shapes, using...Read more about 'Simple Valentine Counting Game for Preschoolers'...

Top 10 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun

Backyard games and activities preschoolers can play in the backyard in spring and summer

What can we do outside without a playground? Here are some low cost, low-prep options for outdoor play without playground equipment.Read more about 'Top 10 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun'...

Fun Bean Bag Game Made With Recyclables

Bean bag game with coffee cans Preschool Toolkit

Games and activities you make yourself mean fewer materials go to the landfill and less time is spent shopping for new items. Recycle coffee cans to make this fun bean...Read more about 'Fun Bean Bag Game Made With Recyclables'...

Homemade Bean Bags for Games with Kids

Easy to make with recyclables bean bags for preschool games

Denim can easily be recycled into bean bags to be used in kids' games. The bean bags only take minutes to make and kids will love using them for games...Read more about 'Homemade Bean Bags for Games with Kids'...

DIY Indoor Bowling Game Counting Activity

Bowling game for indoor play with preschoolers2

This indoor bowling game is fun to have on hand for rainy days or boredom busters.Read more about 'DIY Indoor Bowling Game Counting Activity'...

Memory Game with Disposable Cups for Preschoolers

Memory game with disposable cups

Memory games like this one are fun for kids because little or no instruction is needed, and setup is easy with just a few simple materials.Read more about 'Memory Game with Disposable Cups for Preschoolers'...



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