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Awesome Outdoor Play Tree Puzzle

Outdoor tree puzzle preschool activity - Preschool Toolkit

Kids love making puzzles in all shapes and sizes. And they also love outdoor play. You can easily combine the love of puzzles and outdoor play with this awesome nature...Read more about 'Awesome Outdoor Play Tree Puzzle'...

Pine Cone Trail Outdoor Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Pine cone trail outdoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers from preschooltoolkit.com

A pine cone trail combines gross motor and fine motor skills in a simple hands-on activity.Read more about 'Pine Cone Trail Outdoor Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers'...

How to Make Letters of the Alphabet with Small Twigs

Letters of the alphabet made with small twigs - Preschool Toolkit

Outdoor activities provide opportunities for kids to explore and learn in natural surroundings. In this activity, kids choose and arrange small branches and twigs to form letters of the alphabet.Read more about 'How to Make Letters of the Alphabet with Small Twigs'...

Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy

Gardening tips for fun and easy hands on learning with preschoolers

Gardening with kids is a great way to enjoy some outdoor time together. Kids will benefit from the fresh air and exercise while developing social and cognitive skills.Read more about 'Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy'...

Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar Science Activity for Kids

Mixing earth materials science activity for kids

Hands-on exploration of earth materials combines outdoor play with scientific discovery. This simple science activity gets you digging for clues as you collect raw materials to mix in a jar.Read more about 'Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar Science Activity for Kids'...

Top 10 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun

Backyard games and activities preschoolers can play in the backyard in spring and summer

What can we do outside without a playground? Here are some low cost, low-prep options for outdoor play without playground equipment.Read more about 'Top 10 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun'...

7 Tips for Planning a Successful Field Trip

tips for successful field trips with kids

Field trips include everything from a walk around the block to a visit to a local dairy farm. However, any outing requires proper preparation.Read more about '7 Tips for Planning a Successful Field Trip'...

Exploring Forests on Nature Walks with Preschoolers

Nature walk finding treasure under the trees

Kids can explore a forest area by searching in tree branches, behind tree trunks, and under piles of leaves. Enjoy a nature walk and discover hidden treasures. Have fun exploring!Read more about 'Exploring Forests on Nature Walks with Preschoolers'...

Fall Harvest Theme Preschool Activities

Fall harvest theme preschool activities - Preschool Toolkit

School is in…and so is the harvest! Fall is a great time of year to visit a local garden or farm to dig for potatoes, pull up carrots, or pick...Read more about 'Fall Harvest Theme Preschool Activities'...

Teaching Children Playground Safety

Tips for teaching kids safety at the playground

When you head out to the playground, take charge of playground safety by being proactive. Kids can share and have fun in positive ways by adopting good habits around play equipment.Read more about 'Teaching Children Playground Safety'...


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