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Fun Ways to Recycle Greeting Cards

Family crafts and activities with recycled greeting cards

What can you do with greeting cards you receive for birthdays, holidays and special events? Here are a few ways you can reuse all those special cards in crafts and activities.Read more about 'Fun Ways to Recycle Greeting Cards'...

How to Make a Craft Tray from a Box Lid

box lid craft tray for easy setup of preschool activities

Can we do a craft? Does a spontaneous request like this from the kids get you scrambling for art supplies? Spend less time preparing and more time creating with a...Read more about 'How to Make a Craft Tray from a Box Lid'...

Easy Locomotive Kids Craft using Recyclables

Train locomotive preschool craft using recyclables

A locomotive craft is easy for kids to make with recyclables and craft paint. The sights and sounds of the locomotive will soon be part of some awesome pretend play.Read more about 'Easy Locomotive Kids Craft using Recyclables'...

5 Ways to use Recyclables as Household Items

5 ways recycle

We make choices almost daily about what things to keep and what to throw away. In the spirit of being environmentally friendly it is helpful to reuse as many items...Read more about '5 Ways to use Recyclables as Household Items'...

Cardboard Painting Tools for Preschool Painting Activities

Cardboard paint spreader easy to make for preschool process art activities

Cardboard painting tools are a great addition to your toolkit. They're easy to make with some recycled cardboard.Read more about 'Cardboard Painting Tools for Preschool Painting Activities'...

How to use Recyclables as Painting Tools with Preschoolers

Recycle containers for a preschool painting activity

Recycled containers provide innovative painting experiences for preschoolers. Explore new ways to be creative using recyclables and other materials as painting tools.Read more about 'How to use Recyclables as Painting Tools with Preschoolers'...

A Bubble Wrap Fish Craft for Kids to Make

Bubble wrap fish craft - Preschool Toolkit

This is one craft you'll be glad to have in your toolkit. With easy setup and recycled packaging material, you'll be making bubble wrap fish in no time for pretend play.Read more about 'A Bubble Wrap Fish Craft for Kids to Make'...

How to Make a Large Gift Box Smaller

How to make a large gift box smaller to wrap gifts like a pro

Wrapping gifts is often an essential part of a festive occasion or holiday event. Finding just the right box to hold that special gift can be difficult.Read more about 'How to Make a Large Gift Box Smaller'...

Aquarium Craft Fun and Easy for Kids to Make

Aquarium craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

You and the kids can make an aquarium together with just a few basic materials, including a recyclable.Read more about 'Aquarium Craft Fun and Easy for Kids to Make'...

Easy Marble Maze with Modeling Clay

Marble maze for kids to make using modeling clay

You and the kids will love this marble maze that's fun to make using modelling clay.Read more about 'Easy Marble Maze with Modeling Clay'...



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