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Christmas Books for Kids by Canadian Authors and Illustrators

Christmas books by Canadian writers and illustrators - Preschool Toolkit

Christmas books for kids are an important part of holiday traditions. Include these wonderful stories by Canadian authors and illustrators in your reading list this year.Read more about 'Christmas Books for Kids by Canadian Authors and Illustrators'...

Butterfly Book and Felt Board Activity

Colorful felt butterfly ABC book activity

Kids can discover hidden letters of the alphabet in this beautiful picture book about butterflies. Read the book together and have fun with the felt butterfly activity.Read more about 'Butterfly Book and Felt Board Activity'...

Book Review - The Monsters Inside

The Monsters Inside book review

The Monsters Inside is a story about a boy named Jack, who learns how to calm big feelings in a positive way.Read more about 'Book Review - The Monsters Inside'...

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids Using a Paper Plate

Thanksgiving preschool craft and pretend play with a paper plate

Thanksgiving is a perfect time of year to embrace the wonderful gifts in our lives, including food, family and fun.Read more about 'Thanksgiving Craft for Kids Using a Paper Plate'...

Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents

Reading with grandparents is special

Making time for kids to read with grandparents is a special way to celebrate Grandparent's Day or any day! Discover the benefits of reading with grandparents.

Read more about 'Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents'...

Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy

Traditional books have value in early literacy development

Traditional books play an important role in your child's early reading experiences.Read more about 'Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy'...

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