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Butterfly Preschool Craft using Burlap

Butterfly kids crafts with painted burlap wings and clothes peg body

This is a beautiful butterfly that's easy to make using painted burlap. The simple painting activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills.Read more about 'Butterfly Preschool Craft using Burlap'...

12+ Fun Sand Play Activities for Kids

Sand play with crafts and activities for kids

Sand play is a fun addition to kids daily activities, indoors or outdoors. Provide awesome opportunities for learning through play with this exciting roundup of activities that use sand.Read more about '12+ Fun Sand Play Activities for Kids'...

How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar

Chenille stem caterpillar craft

This fuzzy caterpillar craft is perfect for kids who love making things a little bit silly.Read more about 'How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar'...

A Bright Sun Craft to Make with Preschoolers

craft stick sun craft for kids

A sun craft is a fun way for kids to welcome spring and summer.Read more about 'A Bright Sun Craft to Make with Preschoolers'...

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