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Butterfly Preschool Craft using Burlap

Butterfly kids crafts with painted burlap wings and clothes peg body

This is a beautiful butterfly that's easy to make using painted burlap. The simple painting activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills.Read more about 'Butterfly Preschool Craft using Burlap'...

12+ Fun Sand Play Activities for Kids

Sand play with crafts and activities for kids

Sand play is a fun addition to kids daily activities, indoors or outdoors. Provide awesome opportunities for learning through play with this exciting roundup of activities that use sand.Read more about '12+ Fun Sand Play Activities for Kids'...

How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar

Chenille stem caterpillar craft

This fuzzy caterpillar craft is perfect for kids who love making things a little bit silly. Promote fine motor and sensory play, along with pretend play with this caterpillar activity.Read more about 'How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar'...

A Bright Sun Craft to Make with Preschoolers

craft stick sun craft for kids

A sun craft is a fun way for kids to welcome spring and summer. This painting activity uses corrugated cardboard and wood sticks to make a bright morning sun that...Read more about 'A Bright Sun Craft to Make with Preschoolers'...

Top 10 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun

Backyard games and activities preschoolers can play in the backyard in spring and summer

What can we do outside without a playground? Here are some low cost, low-prep options for outdoor play without playground equipment.Read more about 'Top 10 Backyard Activities for Summer Fun'...


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