How to Make Awesome Drawings with Chalk on Foam Trays

We're always excited to find new opportunities for process art and this is one activity that is a sure winner. Not only does it require minimal setup and no instruction, it up cycles a common household item. Have fun with this simple art activity making awesome chalk drawings.

 Chalk drawings on foam trays: art activity for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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We have a recycling program in our community that includes foam trays but I always like to use them in craft projects before sending them to the blue bag. This just makes life a little 'greener'.

I use foam trays that come with our baked goods rather than meat products, to ensure safe handling, even though they are washed before we use them.

You can also buy new foam trays on Amazon.


 Chalk drawing art activity using recycled foam trays - Preschool Toolkit

We've used foam trays to paint pumpkin pictures and to make a marble maze.

Drawing with chalk on a foam tray is a fun activity that needs no instructions!

Grab a few clean foam trays and some colored chalk and you are ready for an open-ended art activity.


Chalk drawings on foam trays - Preschool Toolkit

We found it easiest to draw with white chalk on black foam trays.

This prompted us to make lots of ghost drawings.

Play tic tac toe with a chalk drawing on a foam tray - Preschool Toolkit

This is one of our favorite games and so easy to play with chalk on a foam tray.


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Materials for chalk drawing activity available on Amazon:


The chalk can be wiped away with a dry cloth or tissue. Eventually the foam tray will become embedded with lines and 'squiggles', especially if kids tend to press down on the tray with the piece of chalk.

You can also wipe the tray with a damp cloth to remove the chalk but sooner rather than later you will have to go to a 'new' recycled tray.


Find more fun activities on our Crafts Pinterest board.


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