Valentine Flower Craft - Fine Motor Cutting and Gluing Activity

When we provide a variety of materials and a space in which to work, kids come up creative ideas. With scissors and glue and some pink paper, kids can have fun making flowers for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Flower Craft

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Creative ideas can be generated through stories, pictures, and discussion.

  • Read a book about a flower.
  • Explore the composition of a flower through hands-on discovery.
  • Plant seeds to grow flowers in the home or classroom.
  • Provide interesting materials with color, shape and texture for creating flowers.

Arts and crafts activities provide opportunities for engaging fine motor skills such as cutting and gluing.

Supplies for Valentine flower:

You can pre-cut red and green hearts for young children although they should always be encouraged to cut out these or any other shapes for their flowers.

Instructions for Valentine flowers:

1. Make snips around the paper muffin cup with scissors, trying not to cut through the center.

2. Cut out a stem to glue onto a piece of construction paper .

3. Glue a muffin cup for the center of the flower, and heart shapes for petals.

4. Glue green heart shaped leaves to the stem.

5. Cut out "grass" with pinking shears or use heart shaped cut-outs for grass and bushes.

Valentine Flower Craft

Here are two very different versions of the Valentine Flower craft. The one on the left was glued to a craft stick so the child could carry it in her hand. On the right, the child who glued his flower to the paper proceeded to make a design and spell "MOM" with the glue bottle.

This is an example of how children create differently with the materials you provide!


Learning through play

  • Discuss the parts of a flower using actual flowers and/or illustrations.
  • Cut parts of a flower from felt and put the parts together on the felt board.
  • Music & Movement (tune: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)

          This is the way we plant the seeds ("scatter" seeds on the ground)
          This is the way the rain will fall (wiggle fingers like raindrops falling)
          This is the way the sun will shine (raise arms overhead, fingers meet to form a circle)
          This is the way the flower grows (crouch low and slowly rise to standing with arms stretched overhead)

  • Provide soil and small planters for the children to plant flower seeds.

Visit our Valentine Pinterest Board for more Valentine crafts and activities.







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