3 Awesome Ways to Explore Math with a Watermelon

Are you as excited for watermelon season as we are? Extend your enjoyment of the harvest with this fun math activity that explores fractions, shapes, and weights with a watermelon. 

Watermelon math for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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Our favorite summertime food is watermelon - colorful, mouth-watering, cumbersome-to-lift-into-the-shopping-cart watermelon. But the effort of lugging it home is well rewarded.

Once the watermelon safely reaches its destination, simply carve and enjoy.

Before you completely gobble up your watermelon, have fun using it to explore fractions, weight, and shape with your early learners.

Watermelon math for kids - Preschool Toolkit

Cut the watermelon into large sections. Look for the circle, half-circle, and triangle

Watermelon math for kids - Preschool Toolkit

Cut one round slice of watermelon into sections as shown: 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8.

Watermelon math for kids - Preschool Toolkit
Weigh sections of watermelon on a kitchen scale with dial or an electronic scale
Will two 1/4 pieces weigh the same as 1/2?

We love math activities almost as much as we love watermelon. That's why we have a Math board on Pinterest with exciting math activities for early learners.

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Food for thought!

Is watermelon a fruit or a vegetable?
: Both! Here's one reason why:

  • It's a fruit because it grows from a seed and a vegetable because it is harvested from a field. Explore more reasons to explain why it's both a fruit and a vegetable.

How do you know when a watermelon is ripe?

Answer: There are several ways to test for ripeness. Here's one that's fun to do:

  • If it sounds hollow when you tap it, it is ripe. Explore other ways to determine when it's ripe.

 Interesting fact: watermelon is 90% water.

Learning through play

1. Provide a large chunk of watermelon for kids to chop into small pieces.
2. Place pieces of chopped watermelon in a large bowl for kids to squish with a potato masher.
3. Cut rinds (outer shell) into chunks or blocks. Dip in paint and press onto paper for a painting activity.
4. Cut several 1/2 or 1/4 size, triangular shape slices for stacking.



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