Christmas Books for Kids by Canadian Authors and Illustrators

There are so many wonderful Christmas books for kids it would be hard to read them all in one season. You probably have a few favorites that get read over and over each year. I am excited to include Christmas stories by Canadian authors and illustrators you won't want to miss reading this holiday season.

Christmas books for kids by Canadian authors - Preschool Toolkit

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I am highlighting a handful of books from a large selection available from Canadian writers, illustrators and publishers.

My choices may include authors you already know and love. Hopefully this list will also add new favorites to your reading list for the holiday season.

There are many different themes and styles of writing, as well as colorful illustrations, to choose from. You'll find books about the story of Christmas; books about animal adventures; books with rhyming or song lyrics.

There's something for everyone in these wonderful tales of Christmas.

Let's get started!



Pippin the Christmas Pig by Jean Little and Werner Zimmerman


The story of Christmas long ago is told by the barn animals to a curious little pig named Pippin who wants to know all about Christmas. But unlike the other animals. Pippin doesn't seem to have a place in the story. Or does he? Find out how a little pig fits in, and brings the meaning of Christmas to the present day.


Woodland Christmas by Frances Tyrrell

  The author tells the 12 Days of Christmas story with the text you know and love accompanied by fabulous new illustrations. Instead of the expected ten lords a-leaping, you'll see ten moose soaring through the air. These are featured in this beautiful picture book along with other animals found in different parts of Canada.


 A Porcupine in a Pine Tree by Helaine Becker; illustrated by Werner Zimmermann



This well-loved 12 Days of Christmas is told once again, this time with slightly altered text! In keeping with a truly Canadian theme, the "true love" in the story sends seven sled dogs sledding, four calling moose and more! You'll love this playful version that doesn't require you to be Canadian to enjoy!



Merry Christmas, Squirrels! By Nancy Rose

Mr. Peanuts visits Cousin Squirrel to prepare for the coming of Santa. Can they stay awake long enough on Christmas Eve to spot the jolly fellow? The animation of these delightful squirrels is captured in picturesque photographs that tell a heartwarming story of Christmas.



A Forest for Christmas by Michael Harris; illustrations by Eric Orchard

Emily loves the Friendly Forest with its wonderful trees and wildlife. When Mr. Buggleysmug comes to town to build a factory, he is determined to cut down any trees that get in his way. Emily and the animals team together to try to save the trees. Eagle, even with a broken wing, contributes to the effort in a special way that helps save the day, and Mr. Buggleysmug!


Baseball Bats for Christmas by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak; art by Vladyana Krykorka  

This is the story of Arvaarluk, a seven year old boy living in Repulse Bay in the far north many years ago. One Christmas a shipment of trees arrived in Repulse Bay, a land where trees did not grow. At the same time, Arvaarluk just happened to receive a gift of a ball. But how could they play baseball without bats? Join them on their adventure as celebrate Christmas in a special way in Repulse Bay.



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