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At (it and its owner(s) and operator(s) referred to below as “we” or “us” or “our”, as applicable), we wish for the activities in the resources we offer to be fun and stimulating, but carried out by you and any user in a safe manner. We are not aware of any safety issues with the activities and the resources you are about to access through our site. However, we make no representations or guarantees relating to safety and expressly disclaim any liability of any form, whether through what might be said to be negligence on our part or on the part of others or whether arising in any other manner related to the activities, ideas or materials featured in the resources you are about to access.

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Some activities are not intended to be taken literally (for example, some crafts are not meant to be eaten/ingested, or used in nature).

This is a personal website written by me, Heather. No material may be copied or altered without my consent. You may share using one photo with link to the original post.

This site is intended for early childhood teachers, parents and care givers. All activities are meant to be done with adult supervision. I hope the blog inspires you to create something wonderful in your home or classroom.

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