Rainbow Spider and Web Kid Craft

Kids can make a colorful spider and web, using all the colors of the rainbow. Spider crafts are fun for kids to make, especially when they use their imaginations to create something new. 

kids can make a spider craft with recycled egg cartons

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Rainbows, and spiders and marbles, oh my! Spring and summer generally bring out ALL the insects.

I don't mind spiders over many other bugs. But I like spider crafts better than the real thing! Spider crafts for Halloween  and colorful spiders and their webs for spring and summer.

This rainbow spider craft made with recycled egg cups sparks imagination and creativity. The spiders are painted in a variety of colors to make them bright and cheerful.

Set out a few different colors of paint and see what your preschooler will create. This craft might be the cutest bug you'll ever make.

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Colorful spider craft


Supplies for a colorful spider craft


Instructions for a rainbow spider craft


1. Paint a cardboard egg cup with several different paint colors.


Spider legs made with chenille stems


2. When the paint is dry, invert the egg cup and hole punch eight holes around the cup.

3. Cut four chenille stems in half. Insert the stems through the holes as shown in the diagram, to make eight legs.

4. Bend the stems to form spider legs.


rainbow spider preschool craft


Instructions for rainbow spider web

In this Halloween painting activity we used the rolling marble method of painting a spider web with black paint.

One of the children wanted to use lots of different paint colors instead of just black.

That's where the idea for a colorful spider web originated.


Spider web craft for kids


1. Cut a piece of white paper to fit inside a round cake pan.

2. Drop a few dabs of paint colors into the pan.

3. Drop a marble into the pan.

4. Hold the pan with both hands and tip it back and forth and side to side, rolling the marble around inside the pan. The marble will drag the paint colors into crisscrossing lines resembling a spider web.


spring preschool egg carton craft rainbow spider


It's fun to use our imaginations when doing arts and crafts. Making rainbow spiders is one way to create something new and special, while enjoying all the colors of the rainbow.

To date there has been no spider classified as a "rainbow spider".
Do you think we will ever see one?


Spider and web painting activity



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