DIY Christmas Centerpiece Made With Pine Cones

This Christmas centerpiece made with pine cones is an easy activity the whole family can enjoy. Reuse well-loved decorations or browse the dollar store for colorful items to create a unique centerpiece you can add to your Christmas decor.

make your own Christmas centerpiece for family dinner

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Homemade Christmas decorations are special in so many ways:

  • It's fun engaging in the creative process.
  • You get to add your personal touch to the finished product.
  • Kids exercise fine motor and creative play as the family works together.

You can easily create this simple Christmas centerpiece with the kids. The materials can be found in your craft box or decorations bin, and they are easy for kids to handle.

Rummage together through materials you have on hand, especially decorations you no longer use. (We salvaged some greenery from a small artificial tree).

Pine cones and other materials are available online and in craft or dollar stores. 

  • We are fortunate to have a pine tree in our yard that provides us with pine cones so we've used them in several crafts and activities.


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Christmas centerpiece  - Preschool Toolkit



pine cones and artificial poinsettia Christmas decoration

Layer pine cones, greenery, and ornaments in the basket until you are happy with the result.

This may take a few tries, especially if little ones are helping! 


Christmas centerpiece  - Preschool Toolkit


The basket and decorations you choose will help determine the color scheme.

Mix and match a variety of colors and textures depending on the materials you have available.


Christmas centerpiece easy to make with pine cones and decorations


Display your Christmas centerpiece on a table or mantle.

  • Add some tea lights to give it a warm glow in the evening.

A homemade decoration like this beautiful centerpiece will fill your heart with a warm glow too!


Christmas decoration basket for the mantle or table


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