Valentine Painting Activity with Stencils

Painting with stencils is a fun way to engage kids in a creative art process while supporting fine motor and play. You can easily make a heart shape stencil for a Valentine painting activity with preschoolers. 

valentine craft for kids

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Valentine's Day is one of our favorite times of year for crafting. The colors and textures of craft materials are so bright and colorful.

They provide a ready invitation for kids and grownups to engage in art projects. 

A painting activity with heart shape stencils is a perfect go-to activity for a Valentine theme. 

Kids will love discovering the picture that appears when they lift the stencil off the paper!

Share homemade cards with family and friends, or make decorations for the home or classroom, to celebrate this special day.

Painting with stencils

Stencils provide a ready-made pattern for transferring heart shapes to paper.

They're are easy to make, and fun to use. 

How to make stencils for a painting activity

1. Make a heart shape template.

Cut a heart shape from folded sheet of paper


Fold a piece of cardstock in half.

Cut out half a heart shape on the fold.


Cut out the middle portion of the heart template to make a stencil


Cut out the center of the heart shape, leaving up to a 1 inch (2.5 cm) border.

 paper heart valentine craft for preschoolers


If kids are cutting out the stencil, draw two lines before hand with a marker or crayon to guide their scissors.


Heart stencil made with cardstock


Unfold the heart shape to reveal a stencil template.


2. Paint with the stencils.


Place the stencil on white paper to make a heart painting

Roll small pieces of tape to place under the edges of the heart stencil, to secure it to a sheet of plain paper

Paint inside the stencil - and outside if preferred.


hearts shapes painting activity for kids

Carefully lift the stencil to reveal the beautiful heart shape!

Paint with heart shaped stencils in different sizes


Make a Valentine collage with various sizes of stencils.

Shake a bit of glitter over the design before the paint dries to make the hearts sparkle.


paper valentine craft for preschool

Heart shaped stencils Valentine paintings for kids

Hang up your paintings to decorate for Valentine's Day!

Painting with stencils preschool art activity


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