How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate

Puzzles are a great option for exploring shapes with preschoolers. In this activity, kids create a simple pumpkin puzzle with just a few large pieces. The puzzle is fun to take apart and put together over and over again!

Make a puzzle from a paper plate for a Halloween theme with preschoolers

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Puzzles are not only lots of fun for kids, they support early development skills in many ways. When kids match puzzle pieces they use fine motor skills, problem solving and perception. All this and more without taking away from the fun of working and playing together to complete a puzzle!

Puzzles for early learners should be age appropriate. Too many pieces can be frustrating, and small pieces often go missing! Older kids need a challenge, but they also want to see the picture emerge, and be able to complete the puzzle.

A simple homemade puzzle like this paper plate pumpkin is a great option for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids interact with just a few large pieces that quickly reveal the pumpkin's smile when put together.

Kids can help make the puzzle by coloring and cutting pieces from a paper plate.


Supplies for a pumpkin puzzle

  • paper plate
  • orange paint
  • black paint or marker
  • scissors


Instructions for a pumpkin puzzle


Paper plate painting activity Halloween pumpkin craft


1. Paint a paper plate orange. 

2. Paint features with black paint, or use markers or crayons to draw eyes, nose and mouth.


Paper plate puzzle Halloween pumpkin craft

Paper plate shapes puzzle Halloween pumpkin activity for preschoolers


3. Cut the plate into four or more pieces, depending on the age and skill level of your child. Draw lines beforehand on the paper plate with a straight edge. This will provide a guide for cutting out the pieces.

Kids will love making this pumpkin puzzle with a paper plate. Add this puzzle-making activity to your daily schedule during the Halloween season.

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