Get Ready to Launch with a Kid-Made Catapult

Can you combine kids, engineering and technology without blinking an eye? Yes you can! This easy-to-make launcher is just one of the activities you'll find in a new STEAM book that makes it easy to engage kids with hands-on crafts, games and experiments. 

Craft stick catapult STEAM activity - Preschool Toolkit

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We've been wanting to build a catapult for some time and this one was ideal for us. You'll love it too because it uses basic craft materials and only takes minutes to make.

Catapult STEAM activity for kids - Preschool Toolkit


The best part is, this catapult really works! You'll find the instructions in this awesome activity book for kids:

STEAM Kids: 50+ Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math Hands-on Activities for Kids

An accomplished team of authors is behind this awesome resource - writers combining their skills as parents, bloggers, educators - with a passion for helping kids discover and learn in meaningful ways.

 STEAM Kids Table of Contents - Preschool Toolkit

 Here's a peek at the table of contents!


STEAM Kids is not only an exciting collection of hands-on activities, it's also a beautiful picture book for kids and grownups.

Enjoy browsing through the photos, then choose a project to begin your STEAM adventure.


BUY the e-book!

 STEAM Kids book with over 50 exciting activities - Preschool Toolkit

After oohing and aahing over the photos

you'll be inspired to start a project right away.


Kitchen STEAM 

kitchen STEAM

 Halloween STEAM! 

Halloween STEAM Cover small

STEAM KIDS puts lots of options for creative play at your fingertips. The catapult is one of our favorites because it is fun and easy to make and provides a perfect boredom buster plus learning experience for kids.

Engineering and technology are just part of the learning adventure when you create and build with kids.


Think about it - plan it - do it!

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