Preschool Art Activity with Tape and Markers

Kids can make designs on a cardboard canvas with tape and markers. The process of applying tape and colorful stickers will help strengthen fine motor and creative skills in early learners.

Preschool process art activity using tape and crayons or markers

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We always seem to have a bit of cardboard on hand - an empty cereal box, a shipping carton, or packaging material. The cardboard you would normally just throw away can be used as a canvas for an art activity. 

A large piece of cardboard can also be used as a table protector. Place it under paints and other craft materials when doing art projects with the kids.


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Art activity with a cardboard canvas

For this simple art activity, recycle some cardboard to use as a canvas for making designs with stickers and tape. 

This is child-led activity, which means kids can do the 'work', while grownups guide and 'help' when needed or requested. Grownups can also participate by making artwork of their own alongside their budding artist.


 Supplies for preschool artwork activity include tape and dots


  • masking tape or painters tape
  • narrow washi tape
  • self-adhesive stickers
  • crayons and markers
  • cardboard

Cut pieces of cardboard into different sizes and shapes.

Provide a variety of tape in different colors and widths, as well as crayons and markers in different colors.



Masking tape and crayons artwork on a cardboard canvas 

Make designs on the cardboard with tape. This one is done with a lot of plain masking tape on a long rectangular piece of cardboard.

Color the spaces between the lengths of tape with crayons or markers.

Add dots or other stickers to the design.


Wrap loose ends of masking tape to the back of the cardboard canvas


Here is an easy method of adding tape to the cardboard:

  • Place the tape on the cardboard so it extends on both sides.
  • Kids can cut the tape with scissors or tear with their fingers.
  • Fold the ends under the cardboard to make a smooth finish.


You can also pre-cut pieces of tape and stick them to the edge of the table for younger children to pull as needed.


Cardboard canvas art activity for kids creative and fine motor play


Kids art activity using masking tape and stickers on a cardboard canvas



Kids create independently in a process art activity.  There is no end product or result to achieve, and the activity is largely child-led. 

The materials provided speak for themselves - colors, textures, and ease of use can be explored through hands-on play. 

This is a simple activity using everyday materials. The easy setup and cleanup help make it a go-to activity to keep in your 'toolkit'!


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