Recycled Crayons Easy Geoboard STEAM Activity for Kids

This fun STEAM activity is a perfect way to recycle crayons that are broken or worn. If you have a supply of well-used crayons in your craft supplies, this simple STEAM activity will help you put many of them to good use!

geoboard using crayons and colorful elastics kids steam activity

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Crayons are one of our favorite drawing and coloring tools for preschoolers. We prefer them to markers and colored pencils for many projects.

We especially love sharp, new crayons. So unless we have a crayon sharpener on hand, the worn ones generally get set aside.

In this activity we're excited to show you how we recycled crayons to make a geoboard.


This is a great opportunity to show how STEAM is integrated into your daily learning activities! STEAM strengthens creative and cognitive skills by supporting exploration and discovery across all disciplines of early learning in a single hands-on activity.

S.T.E.A.M. = Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math

How STEAM is applied in this activity:

Science: shapes
Technology: elastics
Engineering: design
Art: colors
Math: counting


foam base with crayons and elastics for geoboard

Supplies you need to make a geoboard
  • solid foam packaging 
  • crayons
  • covered hair elastics


How to make the geoboard

 diy geoboard with ruler and pins for preschool activity


Make a grid on the foam base to determine where the crayons will be placed. We used a ruler to space the holes for the crayons but you don't have to be so exact.

  • We used sewing pins to mark 2" (5 cm) space between the crayons.
  • The foam for the base is 1.75" (4.5 cm) deep.


Insert a pencil tip into the spot marked by the pin. This will make the diameter of the hole similar to the size of a crayon. 

geoboard with crayons and elastics preschool activity


Break a piece off the end of each crayon so you have a crayon with a length slightly less than the thickness of the foam base.

  • The crayons work best as pegs if the exposed part of the crayon is not too long.
  • The crayons should fit snugly in the hole in the foam.


How to use the geoboard

Stretch elastics around the crayons. Make basic shapes such as a triangle and a square! Make designs and patterns. 

  • The colorful covered hair elastics work well for this activity, and are gentle on kids fingers.


Geoboard easy to make for kids fine motor and math play


A geoboard is a fun way to engage fine motor skills and practice math skills. 

Kids can explore shapes, sort the different colors of elastics, and create designs on the geoboard.



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