Easy Musical Scale Preschool Activity Using Mason Jars

This simple activity provides a fun way to use mason jars to introduce a musical scale. Kids can experience the different sounds made by the jars as they explore hands-on with this music activity.  

musical scale craft and activity for kids

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Kids engage in musical activities in many ways: by dancing and singing to music; by playing musical instruments; by adding music to pretend play.

Musical activities provide opportunities for kids to play and learn using their all their senses while promoting cognitive skills. 


In this activity, kids will learn to distinguish between the sounds of the notes on a musical scale.

They'll also experience the shape of the notes as they color and cut out musical notes to place on a staff.


The staff or stave (plural: staves) indicates the set of lines used for the notation of notes of different pitches.

The five-line staff is in general use and will be illustrated in this activity.


Teaching a musical scale with a simple hands-on activity - Preschool Toolkit

  • mason jars
  • self-adhesive letters
  • wooden spoon


Instructions to prepare the activity

1. Prepare the jars in advance:

  • Add water to mason jars to match the notes on the keyboard. Experiment with the sound by tapping gently on the jar as you add, or remove, water.
  • Apply a letter on each jar so that the bottom of the letter indicates the waterline.
  • Empty the jars.

2. Prepare the musical notes and staff.


Make music instruction fun with musical scale activity - Preschool Toolkit


  • Draw musical notes on plain paper so children can color and cut out the notes or cut the notes from construction paper for the children to place on the staff.
  • Make a musical staff on a long sheet of paper.


How to engage in mason jars musical activity with kids

 preschool musical scale activity with mason jars


1. Fill each jar with water to the bottom of the letter on the jar. To make this easier for young children, have the correct amount of water for each jar in a corresponding plastic cup, so kids can pour from the cups into the mason jars.

2. Tap on the jars to hear the different sounds (notes).


Musical scale activity for kids - Preschool Toolkit


2. Place the prepared staff in front of the jars. Add marks on the staff to indicate where each note will go.

This activity is based on the C major scale.

7. Place the notes to line up with the jars. The letter on the mason jar also names the note on the staff.


Musical scale activity for kids - Preschool Toolkit


In a small group activity, each child can fill a jar and also color or cut out a note.

As a note is sounded on a mason jar, each child can add his or her note to the scale.


musical scale preschool activity using mason jars


Play the notes one at a time on the keyboard and have kids mimic each sound by tapping the corresponding mason jar.

Experiment striking the jars with a wooden spoon, a plastic drum stick, or a rubber mallet.



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