Small Group Activities Digital Resource

Small group activities are just a click away with the help of this digital resource. Add fun and learning to your small group play times in preschool or kindergarten with simple hands-on activities.

Small group activities for preschool and kindergarten

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Imagine circle time with ten preschoolers.

Now, imagine several little learners squirming in their places.

And five sets of eyes wandering around the classroom. 

Now, imagine the fun and excitement that will be generated when all those eyes are focused on you and the activity you introduce to the group.

Activities that grab and retain kids attention - even for a short time - will help you guide behavior, interaction, and learning.

This digital resource is filled with ideas to bring excitement to your small group sessions in preschool or kindergarten.

Our product is easy to use, with fun images and simple instructions for all activities. 


It invites kids to explore and interact with everyday materials in unique ways. 

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Small group activities digital resource

This resource contains 68 small group activities for preschool and kindergarten. Activities are designed to be hands-on and child-led, with supervision and guidance from a parent or teacher.

Activities in this product can be adapted to fit the number of participants, age ranges, and skill levels.

  • Engage one-on-one with your preschooler.

  • Share activities with two or three children at a time.

  • Teach a small group of students in a kindergarten classroom.

Be ready to respond to kids interests and skill levels with options to extend or alter any activity.


Preschool circle time digital product for teachers and parents


Inside the product

Here's what you get in this product.

  • Cover page
  • Introduction page
  • 34 pages of activities with simple instructions and creative images 

The product can be downloaded and stored as a digital file with the option to print individual pages as needed.

Alternately, print the complete file and insert into a binder for easy access.

How to purchase this resource!

The digital file is available for download in my online store.

 Also available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The materials used in the activities are mostly household items, basic craft materials, and homemade toys or props.

Suggestions are included to extend or modify some activities

Materials lists and instructions generally have some flexibility, and can be altered to accommodate your participants. 


Printable file small group preschool activities


Some activities can be done seated together in a circle on a carpet, while others are more suited to engaging with materials at a table.

Some activities promote fine motor work while others involve gross motor movements.

Traditional or familiar activities such as Color Day (# 9) and Takeaway Game are balanced with unique options such as creative Story Time with a String (# 2) and building a Pillow Case Snowman (# 49).


This Small Group Activities product is available

to purchase in our on-site store.

Plan your small group time with these engaging activities that will teach and entertain.

Ensure all those wandering eyes are focused on you! 


 Also available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Small group interactive activities digital file downloadable for preschool teachers and parents


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