Mini Fizzy Science Activity for Kids

This pretend volcano is a fun way for kids to participate in a fizzy science activity. Be prepared for a little mess and a whole lot of fun with this mini volcano activity.

preschool science mini volcano

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Kids love making things that bubble and fizz and pop! That's why pretend volcano activities are so popular. 

A smaller size volcano doesn't diminish the amount of fun or the benefits of experimentation and observation. 

The activity is conducted in the same way as a regular sized kid-made volcano activity. The only difference is that a smaller sized container is used for the volcano.

  • Small volcanoes is ideal for a small group activity, in an early learning classroom or at a birthday party.
    Each participant benefits from the hands-on interaction.
    Kids can choose colors and add ingredients for a personalized volcano.

  • A mini volcano is a practical alternative when space is at a minimum. 

This activity is easy to set up with some recyclables and basic craft supplies.

Mini volcano kids science

Supplies for a fizzy experiment

supplies for mini volcano preschool activity


  • pudding or yogurt container
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • squeeze bottle
  • food coloring
  • glue gun
  • foam container


You can easily set up the activity with whatever containers you have on hand.

I recommend transparent containers so kids can watch the volcano bubbling from the bottom to the top!

Fun and learning go together when activities are colorful and engaging.

Instructions for a mini volcano

1. Prepare the area where the activity will take place.

Cover your table with a drop cloth, and protect clothing with cover-ups.

Set out a large container to pour leftover vinegar into after the volcanoes erupt so it can be reused in the experiment.

Provide each participant with a container for baking soda and a squeeze bottle for vinegar. 


2. Prepare the containers that will become volcanoes.


apply glue to yogurt cup with glue gun for science experiment


Cut a hole in the bottom of each container. This becomes the top opening of the volcano called a vent.

Spread glue on the narrow top edge of the container with a glue gun.

  • See-through containers allow for greater observation of the chemical process.


glue yogurt container to foam dishes to make mini volcano


Press the glued edge into a foam dish or plastic container.

We separated a 5 inch (12 cm) hinged carry-out container which provided two dishes.

These dishes will collect the lava when it erupts from the volcano.


Conduct the fizzy experiment


spoon soda into the hole at the top of the yogurt dish


Add baking soda to opening in top of the volcano - three or four scoops with a spoon.


watch pretend lava flow out of the top of the mini volcano craft


Add a drop of coloring to the vinegar bottle. Squeeze vinegar over the soda.


Observe the lava flow!

The amount of ingredients can be adjusted to achieve the greatest lava flow.

Continue adding ingredients to repeat the experiment a few more times.


Kids can observe:

  • the mixing of the ingredients as they are being added
  • the chemical reaction inside the container forcing the liquid 'lava' to the top of the volcano
  • the movement of the solution outside the container as it flows down the sides of the volcano


Trial and error

trial and error results for mini volcano preschool activity


1. Add paint instead of food coloring.

We tried dropping kids paint into the volcano on top of the soda before adding the vinegar.

When the vinegar was added, the soda fizzed up without the paint colors. 

2. Add vinegar with eyedropper instead of squeeze bottle.

We tried using eyedroppers to transfer the vinegar from a dish to the volcano.

It didn't provide a large enough quantity of vinegar at a time to result in a volcanic eruption. 


Experimenting with the materials is part of the fun and learning.

This mini volcano is perfect with just one child at a time, or in a small group activity at home or in the classroom.

Preschoolers will benefit from exercising small motor, sensory and cognitive skills as they explore and discover with a mini volcano! Their interest in scientific observation will be increased as they engage in the hands-on fun.

Put a little bubble, fizz and pop in your day!



preschool science activity with baking soda and vinegar


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