9 Ways to Have Fun With Snowballs on a Snow Day

There are lots of ways to have fun outside on a snow day. Here is a list of activities to inspire some winter fun with snowballs.

Outdoor winter games with snowballs

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Winter activities provide lots of opportunities for outdoor fun. Sledding, skiing and hiking all take on new enjoyment in the chilly wintry fresh air.

The type of snow that falls inspires outdoor play in different ways. There's the sticky snowball-making kind of snow, and then there's the light fluffy snow that is perfect for making snow angels!

The snow we like best is the snowball-making kind. This snow can also lead to snow forts, tunnels and other constructions, depending on the amount of snowfall. Of course, this type of snow also sticks to your mittens, so you may want to keep an extra pair handy!

Outdoor play with snowballs

We had fun with some new activities on a recent snow day and hope you like them too. We discovered there's so much more you can do with snowballs than just toss them at each other!

When a light fluffy snowfall becomes sticky snow, that's the time to pull these ideas for snowball games out of your toolkit. The only supplies needed are lots of snowballs!

Winter games with snowballs


1. Mini snowman

Build a snowman with three sizes of snowballs. Add twigs for arms, and small stones for eyes and buttons. Can you make a snowball hat for your snowman?

2. Snowball train

Arrange several snowballs in a long wavy line like train cars or a wiggly snake.


3. Snowball castle 

Arrange snowballs in a pile to make a castle. Stack some snowballs for a tower. Make a bridge across the moat with snowballs. 

4. Snowball faces 

Draw a circle in the snow with a branch or your hand to outline a face. Place snowballs on the face for eyes, nose and mouth. Add snowballs for ears and a beard.


5. Hot potato

Winter fun with outdoor snow play


Form a circle and pass a snowball around just as you would in the traditional game. If there are only two participants you can simply pass a snowball back and forth.

Sing the Hot Potato song. When you reach the last word of the jingle, the person holding the snowball throws it at a tree trunk or other target. With several kids, you can play with more than one snowball at a time to make sure lots of snowballs are being thrown!

6. Snowball toss 

Make a start line in the snow for kids to stand behind. Make two or three lines in the snow at varying distances from the start line. Throw snowballs toward the target lines and see where they land.


7. Snowball snowman on a tree trunk 

Snow games for kids outdoor winter activities


Make a large snowball and press it firmly onto the trunk of a tree. Make two more snow balls in different sizes. Press them onto the tree trunk to complete the snowman.

8. Snowball math 

  • Make snowballs of different sizes. 1) Line up the snowballs from smallest to biggest. 2) Sort snowballs into groups according to size.

  • Stack snowballs one on top of the other. How many can you stack before they topple?

9. Snowball roll

Pile loose snow in a mound. Tamp a smooth pathway in the snow with your hands to make a ramp. Roll snowballs down the snowy inclined plane.

Bonus game!

10. Snowball soccer

Substitute a white ball for a snowball to kick around in the snow. No rules or teams needed.


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