Butterfly Valentine Craft for Kids

Kids can make this easy butterfly craft for Valentine's Day or any day of the year. The heart shape cut-outs and fluffy cotton provide creative sensory play for kids in preschool and kindergarten. 

preschool paper butterfly craft

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This butterfly is so easy to make, it's a must-have for your toolkit.

Kids will love designing and creating a beautiful butterfly to use as a puppet or a Valentine decoration. 

The activity engages fine motor and creative skills with scissor practice and construction of the butterfly. 

A butterfly craft is a great addition to your Valentine theme or spring unit. 


Butterfly Valentine craft

This cute butterfly is easy to make with a craft stick and heart shape cut-outs. 

Provide a variety of colors of paper and other materials to promote creativity. Every butterfly will look different according to kids preferences and early learning skills.

Supplies for a butterfly craft

Paper and craft stick butterfly craft for kids


Provide pre-cut heart shapes or a template for kids to trace around. You can also encourage kids to draw and cut out their own wings for an even more kid-led activity. 

Heart Shapes PDF

Print the downloadable heart shapes.

Use construction paper or craft foam for the wings, pipe cleaner for the antennae, and a craft stick and cotton ball for the body.


Instructions for a paper butterfly craft

The amount of time spent on this or any activity will depend on kids interest and skill levels.

Support this as an open-ended project.

  • Ensure each child explores the materials at his or her own pace, and creates a unique butterfly based on his or her interpretation or imagination.


Valentine butterfly craft for prek and kindergarten


1. Glue the heart shapes together at the points to make the butterfly wings.

2. Twist a chenille stem or pipe cleaner around the top of the craft stick to form antennae.


Preschool butterfly craft with heart shape wings


3. Glue the craft stick to the center of the wings to form the body of the butterfly.


Kids easy craft stick Valentine butterfly

4. Stretch a cotton ball slightly to lengthen. Glue the cotton to the craft stick.

 Valentine paper craft for preschool and kindergarten


Decorate the wings with stickers, crayons, or glitter glue.

Provide as many options as you prefer to finish the butterflies.


Then on-with-the-show with your butterfly puppet.

Or get kids moving - swooping butterflies across the room -  with this simple Valentine craft!


paper butterfly fun and easy kids craft


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