Marble Maze with Corks STEAM Activity for Kids

A simple marble maze is easy to make and provides a fun STEAM opportunity for kids. Design and build a maze using a cardboard box and corks in this fun hands-on activity.

 marble maze using corks in a cardboard box


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We've been saving corks for quite a while, knowing they could be useful in crafts and activities. 

I was excited to come up with this idea for a maze and hope you like it too!

We already have a maze activity with modeling clay on a foam tray, so we're happy to share this new project.

If you have a cardboard box and a collection of corks like me, this is a fun way to use them! 


use corks and a cardboard box to make a marble run for kids


For this activity we used a shallow box that held plastic water bottles. We don't use water bottles often but we keep them on hand for special occasions or emergencies. We use empty water bottles in activities such as this discovery bottle with foam letters.

Our box is 11 inches (28 cm) x 16 inches (40 cm) and 2 inches (5 cm) deep.

You can use any sturdy box or box lid that you have on hand. The box should be a size that is manageable for your child to lift and tilt.


STEAM = Science, technology, engineering, art, math

The principles of STEAM are used throughout this activity.


Math: Count the number of corks you have. Any number of corks can be arranged to make a maze. 

Engineering: The maze you build will be determined by the number of corks you have and the size of the box. Kids can help with the arrangement of the corks in the box.

Art: Corks often have different lengths, and varying shades of brown or white, and can be arranged in many different designs or patters. 


make a marble maze with a glue gun to secure the corks


Technology: Secure the corks in place with a glue gun. This will be a grownup's job unless you have a kid-friendly glue gun and are comfortable with supervising the use of the glue gun with your child.

Science: The ability of the marble to maneuver through the maze is affected by the placement of the corks, and the way your child tilts the box.


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Learning through play
  • Add number or letters to the corks with markers or stickers. Ask your child to name the letter or number the marble strikes.
  • Move the marble down the center; the left side; the right side.
  • Try to tap all the corks in the maze with the marble.
  • Guide the marble to the bottom and then back up to the top.
  • Move the marble as slowly through the maze; move the marble quickly.


You can easily provide engaging play opportunities with household items. This results in big play value for little expense. A simple maze is a great opportunity to challenge kids while giving them lots of room to experiment and observe.


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