Easy Marble Maze with Modeling Clay

You and the kids will love this marble maze that's fun to make using modelling clay. It's perfect for quiet times, it can be played over and over, and its small size makes it easy to carry wherever you go. 

Marble maze made with modelling clay - Preschool Toolkit

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This marble maze is perfect for kids to make - with just a little help.

Modelling clay is firmer than regular play dough so it holds its shape well, which is perfect for squeezing, shaping and stacking. And we love it because it stores easily and lasts a long, long time. 

This marble maze is just the right size for kids to hold in two hands, so they can tip the foam tray back and forth, rolling the marble from side to side.

And it's small size makes it easy for kids to carry, and to store on a shelf or in a drawer.


Marble maze made with modelling clay - Preschool Toolkit

Supplies for the marble maze:
  • see-through plastic packaging, deep enough to allow the marble to roll freely
  • modeling clay
  • washi tape
  • foam tray
  • marbles

Marble maze made with modelling clay - Preschool Toolkit

Instructions for the marble maze:

1. Make narrow strips by rolling modelling clay on a table top.
2. Arrange the pieces on the foam tray to make a pathway for the marble.
3. Press firmly to adhere the clay strips to the tray.

The ridges should be high enough so that the marble rolls around them but not over them (but kids don't seem to mind either way!).

Younger children may need assistance spacing the pieces so the marble rolls around them.

Marble maze made with modelling clay - Preschool Toolkit

4. Place the plastic lid over the maze and secure it to the foam tray with the narrow tape.

Don't forget to put the marble in before sealing the cover!


Modelling clay is an ideal play material for kids for promoting creativity and strengthening fingers. 

Squeeze, shape, and stack your way to creating a unique marble maze that will provide hours of fun.


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