Valentine Flower Garden Craft for Kids

Kids can make a flower garden decoration for Valentine's Day with a few everyday craft supplies. Why wait for spring to create a beautiful garden? Plant your pretend Valentine garden today!

Valentine Garden Craft for Kids - Preschool Toolkit

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Supplies for Valentine garden


Instructions for Valentine garden

Valentine Garden Craft for Kids - Preschool Toolkit


1. Trim a piece of foam to the desired size for the base. Use pinking shears if available to make a crinkled edge.

2.  Paint the foam green.

We combined blue and yellow paint to make green since we only had a neon green on hand and it didn't seem to suit this craft.

Mixing paint colors is another learning opportunity for kids!


Cut paper with scalloped edge scissors to make petals and leaves


3. Cut heart shapes with edger scissors to make petals and leaves.

4. Cut the green hearts in half length-wise to make leaves.

5. Paint craft stick stems with green paint, or color them with green markers or crayons.

Flower garden craft for Valentines Day


6. Glue the petals and leaves to the stems.

7. Make cuts in the foam with a craft knife to insert the flowers.


Why wait for spring to plant flowers? Make a Valentine garden today and enjoy!


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