How to Make a Snowman Craft to Measure Snowfall

Winter brings snow to many places around the world. Make the best of winter snow in your area with a fun snowman gauge to measure the amount of snowfall.

Snowman Craft to Measure Snowfall - Preschool Toolkit

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A snowman weather gauge is fun for kids to make to measure snowfall.  To build the snowman, kids will use STEAM principles including art and engineering.

Kids will love watching the snow get deeper and deeper as it swirls around the foam plate snowman.

Snowman Craft to Measure Snowfall - Preschool Toolkit

  • Foam plates: Use two large for the body, one small for the head or cut a large plate smaller. You can also recycle plastic container lids for this craft.
  • Foam tray: Draw a hat on a black tray with chalk, or color or paint a black hat on a white tray. I only use trays recycled from baked goods, not from meat products, for safe handling.
  • Craft foam sheets: Cut out a scarf and nose for the snowman. 

Snowman Craft to Measure Snowfall - Preschool Toolkit



1. Build the snowman by attaching the foam pieces to a long strip of plastic or wood with a glue gun .

We glued our snowman to a wooden slat from a window blind.

2. Measure from the ground up in inches or centimeters to add the numbers with permanent marker.


Snowman weather gauge kids craft and science activity - Preschool Toolkit

Before heading outside to face the winter snowfall, our snowman was set into a coffee can filled with sand. The weight of the sand stabilizes the snowman gauge.


Snowman to measure snowfall - science for kids - Preschool Toolkit


Secure your snowman to a railing, post or even a tree trunk with rope or string so the bottom foam plate rests on the ground. In our case, the snowman's first foam plate rested on top of the coffee can and we measured the snow from that point.

Our snowman was placed outside just before a snowstorm. The top plate actually blew off in the wind but we were able to replace it before the snow ended. We had a lot of snow that day!

This is a fun and easy science activity for kids. They will love watching the snow build up around the snowman.

And unless you can read the numbers from a window or doorway, someone will have to bundle up and go outside to check the height of the snow! 

Learning through play

1. Measure the different parts of the snowman as it is being made.

2. Measure the height of the completed snowman.

3. Make predictions on how much snow will fall.

4. Bring some snow inside on large plastic trays to make snowballs. Build snowmen using snowballs of different sizes.



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