Build a Snowman Activity for Indoor Fun on a Snow Day

Don't let a blustery snow day ruin your fun. When it's too windy for sledding and too cold for skating, take the fun indoors with this snowman craft.  

Foam ball snowman craft for indoor fun on a snow day - Preschool Toolkit

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Snowman activities are fun to do indoors when the weather doesn't allow you to build a snowman outdoors. This activity invites kids to choose materials to make a snowman. Kids will use math and engineering skills as well as creativity to design and build a snowman.

Supplies for foam ball snowman craft - Preschool Toolkit

  • Foam balls
  • Long straw
  • Chenille stem
  • Felt
  • Modeling clay or play dough
  • Cotton balls
  • Wooden dowel


Foam ball snowman craft for indoor fun on a snow day - Preschool Toolkit


1. Stack foam balls onto a straw to make the snowman.
You can start the holes with a dowel to make the stacking easier for kids.

2. Trim the excess straw, leaving a small piece at the top to hold the hat.

Foam snowman craft for indoor fun on a snow day - Preschool Toolkit

3. Support the snowman in play dough to hold it steady as you add the pipe cleaner arms; felt or fabric scarf; felt eyes, nose and buttons.

4. Wrap a narrow strip of felt around the tip of the straw that is visible. Glue in place to make a hat.
5. Cut out a U-shape from felt. Glue to the head of the snowman at the base of the hat for a hat brim.

Foam ball snowman craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

Look at this original snowman! One of the kids decided to use gold ribbon for the scarf, craft eyes, and small dowels for arms.

It looks amazing!


 Foam ball snowman craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit


Spread some cotton ball snow around the base of the snowman to complete the craft.

This snowman craft provides fine motor creative fun when blustery winter weather keeps you indoors.

Kids are also thinking like young scientists as they build a snowman: using math skills to sort and count the foam balls; technology to make holes in the foam balls; engineering to plan and stack them on the straws. They think like artists as they choose materials to complete the snowman with a scarf and hat.

Here's an amazing resource with more opportunity for kids to explore and create!



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