Foam Ball Snowman STEM for Preschoolers

This snowman craft is fun to do indoors on a wintry day.  Complete the foam ball snowman with cute accessories that make each snowman unique. 

snowman STEM preschool craft

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Who doesn't love a snow day? And while outdoors in the snow has its excitement, being stuck indoors can be awesome too.

Everybody gets to wear pj's, eat snacks, and watch the snow flurries without getting cold and wet.

Snowman activities are especially fun to do indoors when the weather isn't suitable outdoors.

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This STEM activity invites kids to choose basic craft materials to make a snowman.

Because it's STEM, kids will use math and engineering skills to design and build their snowmen, and create like artists as they add color and trims to their fun characters. 

They'll sharpen their listening skills with simple directions to follow, practice hand-eye coordination, and complete the project with their own style.


Snowman STEM 

The snowman craft is easy to do with basic craft materials and lots of imagination.


Kids can build a snowman indoor craft


Supplies for a snowman activity


  • Foam balls, 3 different sizes
  • Straw or wooden dowel
  • Chenille stem or pipe cleaner
  • Felt scraps
  • Modeling clay or play dough
  • Cotton balls

Instructions for building a foam snowman


Snowman craft science challenge for kids


1. Stack foam balls on a straw or dowel. 

  • If you are stacking foam balls onto a straw, use a pencil to pilot hole in each foam ball.  This will allow the straw to be inserted easily through each foam ball.

Indoor snowman craft stem activity for preschoolers


2. Trim the excess straw. 

  • Leave a small piece exposed at the top. This is where the hat will be attached.

3. Support the snowman in a play dough base.

  • This will hold the snowman steady as you add the accessories.

4. Add accessories.

  • pipe cleaner arms
  • felt or fabric scarf
  • felt or craft eyes
  • felt nose and buttons
  • pipe cleaner arms

You can use small twigs for arms instead of chenille stems or pipe cleaners.

5. Make a hat.

  • Wrap a narrow piece of felt around the straw poking out at the top of the snowman.
  • Cut out a u-shape piece of felt. Glue to the snowman's head for a hat brim.

6. Decorate with cotton ball snowballs.

Glue cotton balls around the base of the snowman for snow.


Winter snowman preschool craft

Look at this original snowman. One of the kids decided to use gold ribbon for the scarf, craft eyes, and small dowels for arms. It looks amazing!

 Kids snowman craft


This snowman craft provides fine motor creative fun when blustery winter weather keeps you indoors. 

Learning through play

The process of adding parts one after the other requires some experimentation and creative thinking. Kids are thinking like young scientists as they build a snowman.

  • math skills to sort and count the foam balls
  • technology to make holes in the foam balls
  • engineering to design and stack the foam balls
  • science of materials and how they can be altered or used to complete a project

Don't let blustery winter weather ruin your day. Enjoy the snow day indoors with this fun snowman craft.


Easy to make foam ball snowman kids craft


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