How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers

Learning shapes is fun with colorful feathers. This simple activity is easy to provide with the free printable shape templates included in the post. Help kids learn to recognize and name basic shapes with this hands-on activity. 

Preschool math activity with feathers

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Shapes are explored by early learners in everyday play: building with blocks, fitting puzzle pieces together, and eating foods at meal times. 

Feathers are a great option for kids crafts and activities: they are easy to set up and clean up, they are lightweight and durable, and they are quiet. You can do this activity with your preschooler without waking a sleeping toddler! Learning shapes can't be more fun than that.

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You can usually find a bag of craft feathers in your local craft store, or purchase a bag of feathers in different sizes and colors online.

Use feathers to learn about shapes

This shapes activity with feathers provides hands-on discovery and sensory play. The feathers are soft and flexible, and can be easily lined up, overlapped, or counted and sorted.

Talk with your child about the colors of the feathers they choose, and the shapes they make. 

Kids can use feathers to form the shapes they know, or simply create new shapes and designs.

Support math, sensory, and fine motor experiences with a feather shape activity.


Preschool math activity using shape templates


Print three basic shapes with the link below.

Shape templates 

Print the shape templates, then experiment with placing feathers on the shapes.


Rectangle outlined with feathers in a preschool activity


Learning through play
  • Use one color on a shape or a variety of colors.

  • Count the number of feathers needed to go around each shape.

  • Place feathers on a shape, remove them, then add them to another shape. Do you need more or less feathers for the other shape?

  • Fill the inside of the shape with feathers. How many feathers will fit?

  • Can you stack feathers one on top of the other?


Triangle shape outlined with feathers in a math activity for kids


  • Sort and count feathers by size and by color.

  • Glue feathers to a shape to make a picture you can save.



Square shape outlined with feathers in a fine motor sensory activity


Keep some feathers on a shelf at home or in the classroom where they are easily accessible for independent play.

You will enjoy the simplicity of this quiet time activity as you play and learn with your preschooler!

Find this activity along with crafts and activities from my blogger friends at Kid Craft Challenge #3.


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