Feather Rainbow Color Sorting Activity for Preschoolers

Kids can easily create a beautiful rainbow with colorful feathers. This is a fun sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers that combines singing, bright colors and soft feathers.

Feather Rainbow

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Are you familiar with the song, I Can Sing a Rainbow ?

It's a catchy tune that includes the colors of the rainbow in the lyrics. You can find several different versions of the song for kids on YouTube.

Listen to the song together before doing this activity. Then sing along as you choose feathers for the colors of the rainbow as depicted in the lyrics of the song.

Note: This post has been updated from its original format to provide better content. The images have been improved and the text clarified to optimize the activity for you and your early learners.

In this post we show how to use feathers in an activity and in a craft!


Supplies for feather activity


Supplies for feather rainbow
  • construction paper
  • glue


 Instructions for a feather rainbow activity


Feathers with crayons in a rainbow activity for preschoolers


1. Draw lines with crayons on a sheet of paper to represent the colors of the rainbow. You can draw the lines in for younger children but older kids can do this step themselves.

2. As you sing the song, kids can match a feather to the crayon color on the paper.

You'll notice I have a pink feather added to the rainbow. Since it's named in the song I wanted it to be an option as a color choice. There have been sightings of rainbows with marvelous pink hues. The pink appears with a little help from the blending of red and violet so it's a fun bit of learning to add to the activity.

I chose to eliminate indigo from this activity.


Feathers and dots rainbow color matching activity


3. Use self-adhesive dots to display the order of colors of the rainbow. Kids can match a feather to each dot.

4. Older children can print the words for the colors with a matching crayon or colored pencil.


Rainbow made with feathers preschool sensory activity

Instructions for feather rainbow craft

1. Start with a red feather, the first color named in the song. Glue the feather in place on your paper.

2. Begin singing the song. Stop when you reach the next color. Glue the corresponding feather in place.

3. Begin singing the song again, and each time a feather is glued in place. Point to each feather already glued onto the paper as you sing. 


Feather rainbow preschool color and sensory activity



Don't be too concerned if your child wants to put a different color on the paper.

It's OK to be creative while enjoying the music, and the activity.


Rainbow board on Pinterest


Rainbow crafts provide wonderful opportunities for kids to experience colors and textures.

It's not important to get the rainbow "right". Kids will benefit from the use of fine motor skills as they sort and match the feathers with crayons and dots.

Above all, kids should have fun creating a beautiful picture.


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