Post Office Dramatic Play for Preschoolers

Kids love the excitement of sending and receiving mail. You can easily extend their post office experience with some fun dramatic play. In this activity, kids can make their own mail boxes, and deliver letters with a homemade mailbag.

post office dramatic play for kids

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Writing and mailing a letter to a friend, or receiving a birthday card in the mail from a grandparent, are fun experiences for kids. 

There is a special feeling you get when you receive a letter in the mail addressed to you. Kids can share that feeling with others when they write letters or draw pictures to send to a friend or family member. 

Here are a few more ways kids benefit from post office dramatic play:


  • Kids 'write' letters using a combination of words and drawings based on their skill levels.
  • Kids role play the job of the mail carrier or post office worker.
  • Kids engage fine motor, cognitive and literacy skills as they write and prepare letters and parcels for mailing.
  • Kids can track actual mailed letters online or trace their journey on a map or globe.


Post office dramatic play is one of the best opportunities for kids to be creative with pretend play.

This roundup provides ideas for making both mailbags to carry the letters kids write, and mailboxes for posting the mail.




Mailbags for delivery mail in kids dramatic play


Making and delivering the mail / Growing Book by Book

Post office dramatic play / PreK Pages

Discover and explore with post office play / Buggy and Buddy

Paper mailbag craft / Preschool Toolkit

Post office play with reusable bags / JDaniel4's Mom






Mail boxes to make for dramatic play with preschoolers


Mailbox and mailbag / Crayons and Freckles

Paper plate mail boxes / Toddler Approved

Post box play / The Imagination Tree

Cereal box mail box / Red Ted Art

Homemade mail box / Feels Like Home 


 Pretend Play on Pinterest



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