Valentine Mailbag Craft for Preschool Pretend Play

Kids can deliver their Valentine cards and letters in a handmade mailbag. A Valentine mailbag is easy to make with everyday craft materials. This art activity engages fine motor and creative skills as kids make a mailbag to use in pretend play.

Preschool Valentine mailbag craft and pretend play

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Mailing cards and letters is an integral part of Valentine's Day activities. A Valentine-themed mailbag adds a personal touch to the Valentine's Day card exchange. 

Kids can make Valentine cards  at home or in the classroom for 'mailing' to friends and family.

This mailbag activity is a simple way to create mailbags kids can use as they pretend to be 'mail carriers'  delivering Valentine cards to the mail box.


I'm sharing a few options for Valentine mail boxes with fun themes!

  • Superman from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


The mailbag can also be used to carry and store Valentine cards received from family and friends.


paper shapes needed to make valentine mailbags

Supplies for Valentine mailbags
  • Red or pink cardstock
  • Heart shape cutout

There are two options for making the mailbag.

Option 1

1. Cut the mailbag in one piece from a paper bag as shown in the photo.  Place the heart cutout on the paper bag and cut around it so it is included to make the handle.

Option 2 (used in this tutorial)

2. Cut two heart shapes from cardstock, either the same color as the bag or in a contrasting color. This is the mailbag you'll be making in this tutorial.


tape handles to mailbag preschool craft


How to make the Valentine mailbag

1. Cut two rectangles approximately 6 x 8 in. (15 x 20 cm) from cardstock for the mailbag. 

2. Cut two heart shapes from cardstock. Cut out the center of each heart with a slightly smaller heart shape to form the handles.

3. Tape one handle to each mailbag shape.

Note: If you have cardstock or other paper such as wallpaper large enough, you can incorporate the handles into the bag as you cut out the sides, so the handle and one side of the bag are in one piece.



construction paper and tape used to make a mailbag craft for preschoolers


4. Tape three sides of the mailbag, leaving the top open. You can also reinforce the sides by gluing or stapling before taping.


preschool Valentine mailbag craft and pretend play


5. Decorate your mailbag with stickers, crayons, markers or other craft supplies.


valentine preschool mailbag craft


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