Pumpkin Patch Maze Preschool Craft

Create a pumpkin patch maze to add creative, fine motor play to a fall theme. Kids will love rolling pompom seeds around the mini pumpkins in this fun, hands-on STEAM activity. 

 Pumpkin patch maze preschool craft

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A pumpkin patch at a local farm is a fun place for kids to visit in the fall. Seeing first hand how pumpkins are grown, harvested, and transported to market, is not only an awesome adventure, it's a hands-on learning opportunity for kids of all ages.

Harvest activities can be extended to crafts and activities in the classroom. You can create a small pumpkin patch with recyclable materials for kids to explore. 


Pumpkin patch maze

This pumpkin patch is made with recycled creamers on a recycled foam tray. That's a lot of materials saved from the landfill.



This activity is great for engaging fine motor and STEM skills as kids build the maze and maneuver the pompom seed through the pumpkin patch.


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How to make a mini pumpkin patch


1. Paint the recycled creamers.


Paint recycled creamers as pumpkins


Paint the creamers orange. They might take two coats of paint.

Let dry between coats.


2. Add a felt stem to each mini pumpkin.

 Glue felt stems to the mini pumpkins


Poke a tiny hole in the top of each mini pumpkin. 

Cut out a small rectangular piece of felt for a stem. Push one end of the felt into the small hole you made in the top of the creamer. The felt should stick out through the hole at the top for a stem.

Add a dab of glue to secure if needed.


3. Glue the pumpkins to the foam tray.


Glue mini pumpkins to foam plate


Run a bead of glue along the bottom edge of the creamer with a glue gun.

Arrange the little pumpkins of the foam tray with enough space between them to allow a pompom to roll around the pumpkin patch.

If kids are helping with the glue, a kid-friendly glue gun is a great option. Naturally you will want to supervise young children with this part of the project. You can also try regular white school glue.


4. Decorate the pumpkin patch with artificial leaves.


Fall themed pumpkins in the pumpkin patch craft for kids


Glue a few artificial leaves into the pumpkin patch.

While the leaves are optional they add color and creativity to the pumpkin patch. They also present an additional challenge when playing! 

We glued a sprig of artificial leaves from the dollar store to each corner of the foam tray.


How to use the mini pumpkin patch maze


Pumpkin patch maze kids craft made with recyclables


1. Add the pumpkin seed.

Drop a yellow pompom into the tray with the pumpkins.

You could use a marble if preferred but, since it's heavier, it tends to roll off the sides of the foam tray more easily than the pompom. 


2. Roll the pumpkin seed through the pumpkin patch!

Hold the tray with two hands and rock it back and forth to roll the pompom seed around the pumpkin patch.

Be careful! The pumpkin seed might get stuck in the leaves, or roll right out of the pumpkin patch!


More ways to play

1. Number the pumpkins with a black marker. 

  • Aim for a certain numbered pumpkin. 
  • Add the numbers as you bump into each pumpkin.

2. Add some features to a few of the pumpkins to create "jack-o-lanterns". Try not to bump into any of the "jack-o-lanterns" as you roll the pumpkin seed around in the pumpkin patch.


This pumpkin patch craft is a fun STEAM activity.

STEAM = Science+Technology+Engineering+Art+Math

This activity incorporates STEAM principles to create and play with the maze.

  • design and build the pumpkin patch (engineering)
  • choose a color of pompom for the seed and paint the pumpkins (art)
  • attach the creamers to the tray with glue (technology)
  • explore how pumpkins grow from seeds (science)
  • count the number of pumpkins in the pumpkin patch (math)




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