Daycare field trips

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Field trips can be exciting. They allow everyone to stretch their legs, work as a team, and explore the community hands-on., However, they require proper preparation. Here are seven tips you can add to the planning of your childcare center’s field trip:

  1. Use backpacks to carry essentials. They allow you to be hands-free to attend to the needs of the children.

  2. Make a check list to identify essentials. The list may include: first aid kit, list of children’s names and emergency contact numbers, cell phone, hand wipes. 

  3. Confirm seating arrangements when using public transport. Attention must be given to the proper use of seat restraints and car seats, number of children in attendance, and minimum supervision required. Consult public transportation guidelines and licensing regulations for current restrictions.

  4. Do not overlook footwear. Children should have appropriate outdoor clothing, including footwear. Do a clothing check before departure to make sure everyone is properly dressed.

  5. Collect permission slips.  Set a deadline for retrieving signatures. Your centre’s policy for field trips should be included in the enrolment application package.

  6. Notify parents and guardians of your itinerary in advance. This may include altering pick-up times or other daily scheduling, in order to accommodate the field trip. Also, provide parents and guardians with a contact number of a staff person on the field trip.

  7. Determine if snacks and water will be required. This may depend on the nature of the field trip, accessibility of food and drinks while away from the center, or length of time of the outing. Some centers choose to provide snacks while others require parents or guardians to send a lunch or snack with the child.

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