Rainbow Octopus Preschool Craft

Kids will have fun making a friendly octopus craft with all the colors of the rainbowHighlight your exploration of colorful sea creatures by creating a fun ocean species.


octopus under the sea preschool craft

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Kids can use their imaginations to create a new sea creature. This little octopus is painted with all the colors of the rainbow.

This is a fun activity to add to your ocean theme. It's easy to provide with a recycled pudding or yogurt cup.

The closest thing to a rainbow octopus that I could find is the blue-ringed octopus, which is dangerous to humans! This little rainbow octopus is a much safer option to be around.

And it will be the highlight of your ocean theme.


Rainbow octopus craft

Materials list for octopus craft

  • washable paints
  • chenille stems
  • craft eyes
  • plastic yogurt or pudding cup
  • foam sheet


Instructions for octopus craft

Paint yogurt cup to make an octopus


1. Pour a variety of paint colors into bottle caps.

2. Place a pudding cup upside down on a foam tray.

Steady the cup by pressing a fingertip on the top of the cup as you paint.

Rotate the tray to reach unpainted areas without touching the painted part.

3. Cut out a circle from a foam sheet to glue to the top of the cup after the paint dries.


Octopus kids craft with chenille stems


4. Hole punch around the top edge of the cup (8 holes).

5. Insert chenille stems through the holes as shown in the photo.

Bend the end of each stem. This will make eight legs when the octopus is turned over.

 Octopus craft kids painting activity


The rainbow octopus  -  like our rainbow spider -  is a good example of what kids can create with their imaginations.

Add creativity to your ocean theme with this fun ocean creature.


Octopus craft for kids


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