Sorting Shapes Preschool Math Activity

Engage fine motor and math skills with this simple shapes activity. Kids can match everyday objects to their outlines drawn on a card. This quiet time activity is easy to prepare with simple materials. Kids will have fun with this hands-on math play. 

Sorting shapes

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This is a simple activity with huge benefits.

While kids are engaging in a sensory experience, many developmental skills are being engaged, including fine motor, cognitive, and language.



Kids can help create the sorting mats by choosing objects and tracing them on card stock.

You can laminate the mats for durability so they can be played with over and over.


Sorting shapes


For younger children, prepare the mats ahead of time. Ttrace fewer items onto the piece of paper.



Learning through play

1. At circle time or in a play group, kids can make cards for trading with friends.

2. Provide a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to extend sensory play.

3. Sort objects by color, then trace objects with the same color onto a card.


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