Kid-Made Valentine Cards Fine Motor Activity

Valentine greetings are extra special with kid-made cards. These Valentine cards are so easy to make and provide lots of creative options. Kids can add their own designs to the cards with fun craft materials. 

Homemade Valentine card kids craft

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Kids can spread Valentine's Day cheer with a homemade card!

This process art activity is perfect for kids from toddler age to kindergarten.

Process art means engaging in a creative opportunity that does not depend on an accepted or expected outcome. This post from Gift of Curiosity explains the concept in more detail. 

Guide your early learner on the use of the hole punch, then no further instructions are needed. Kids can choose where to place the holes to create a design on the paper. 

Kids can then decorate their cards simply with stickers, or choose from a variety of craft materials such as crayons, markers, paint, felt or paper heart shapes.

This is a fun activity using everyday materials, with easy setup and easy cleanup.

Kid-made Valentine's Day cards

Supplies for homemade cards


craft supplies for Valentine process art activity making cards


  • card stock or construction paper
  • hole punch
  • crayons or markers
  • decorations: stickers, felt hearts, craft eyes, paper cupcake liners
  • biodegradable glitter
  • glue


Transport craft supplies to the work area with a tray like this divided produce tray or make your own craft tray.

You can also create a craft box to make setup and cleanup easier for craft times with the kids.


Instructions for kid-made cards


fine motor card making activity with a hole punch


Fold a piece of paper.

Choose any size card you want to make.

Start hole punching!

A regular hole punch works for this activity but it would be fun to use hole punches that make different designs such as heart shapes.

Save the confetti.

Empty the bits of paper from the hole punch into a container for decorating the cards.

Paper confetti can also be used in other projects such as our fireworks craft.


Fine motor process art activity making Valentine cards



Provide a variety of art materials to choose from to decorate the cards.

Removing the stickers from the backing requires exercising those fine motor skills.

Younger kids can draw pictures inside their cards; older kids can print the name of the person receiving the card, and sign their name inside.


Valentine process art activity for kids using hole punch and glue


Here are a few of the Valentine cards we created. Googly eyes just go with everything!

Once the cards are ready to deliver, make this Valentine Mailbag to easily carry the cards.


Valentine kid made cards fine motor activity


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