Winter Snow STEM with Twigs

Take the chill out of winter with these easy outdoor snow activities. Simply collect twigs and other natural materials to build and create in the snow. Have fun with STEM on a snow day.

Outdoor play with twigs in the snow

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Fun in the snow starts with snowmen and snow forts and sleds, but it doesn't end there.

While these traditional activities are generally top of the list when it snows, there are other fun ways to take advantage of a snow day.

Snow is the perfect platform for the fine motor STEM activities.

I have a few ideas to share in this post to get you thinking about snow in creative ways.

If you don't have snow where you live, try these activities using white homemade playdough .


Winter STEM with Twigs

Kids can play games in the snow with fine motor activities using natural materials.

Start by collecting twigs, leaves, small stones, pine cones and other items found in nature. This might require a walk around the neighborhood to get a good variety of material.

 Snow art outdoor play for kids


1. Make a picture frame with twigs. 

Fill the frame with the natural materials you collected.

Is your frame a square or a rectangle? 

How many different items are in your picture?


 Snow day play with natural materials


2. Build structures in the snow with twigs.

Place small branches at four corners, then support other twigs and leaves across the top and sides of the corner posts.

Can your structure support a roof?

Are your using bent sticks or straight sticks?


Snow games for preschoolers


3. Play tic-tac-toe in the snow with twigs.

Use stones for the noughts and two small twigs to make the crosses.

What letter are you making with the sticks?

How many stones do you have in a row?


4. Draw in the snow with a twig.

Make the letters in your name. Draw a face or an animal.

Can you draw a circle in the snow?

What animal did you make?


5. Make body shapes in the snow with twigs.

Lay on your back. Press arms and legs firmly into the snow. Stand up.

Place twigs or branches in your arms and legs and feet.

Can you find a branch as long as your arm?


Winter preschool snow activities 

Take advantage of the winter season to get creative with kids activities.

Snow games with twigs support imaginations and fine motor skills.

You might have to remove your mittens to really get into the fun!


Winter outdoor STEM play in snow


Winter theme fun for preschoolers 

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