Art and Craft Activities

This digital download (PDF) contains 90 art and craft activities to support hands-on creativity.

Boost your art and craft sessions with these fun and easy options for creative play!

This product provides 90 ways for kids to create. Each page contains two art activities that can be set up with everyday objects and basic craft supplies.

The value of each activity is in the process rather than in the finished product. This means kids can engage in unique ways according to individual interests and abilities. 

Here is a link to a post that explains the product in more detail.

Activities are mostly evergreen, with some seasonal themes included for holidays, changes in the weather, and special events. Outcomes will vary according to the number and ages of participants, skill levels, interests and available materials.

The playful drawings provide inspiration while leaving room for creative input.

NOTE: A "Download Sample" is available from our Art and Craft Activities, showcasing the format of the four e-books in this series.

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