How to Make Felt Letters of the Alphabet

Make a set of alphabet letters for the felt board that will engage and entertain your early learner. Felt is a perfect material for making letters of the alphabet - it is colorful, easy to cut, and provides a quiet, mess free activity.

Make felt ABC's for felt board literacy experiences - Preschool Toolk

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Have you seen the alphabet cards we made recently with cardboard and self-adhesive letters?

Felt letters are just as easy to make and provide a different sensory experience.  

Draw letters of the alphabet on felt with chalk - Preschool Toolkit

  • felt
  • chalk

Print the letters onto the felt with chalk. I pressed firmly so the letters would show up in the photos.

Turn letters like M and T over after you cut them out so the chalk isn't visible. 

Another option is to draw letters like S and P in reverse, then flip them over after you cut them out. The play value of the felt alphabet won't be diminished if a little chalk is left on the letters.


DIY felt letters of the alphabet - Preschool Toolkit

These letters are approximately 5 in. ( 12.5 cm) in height. You can make them any size you want, depending on the available felt or the size of your felt board. Smaller felt letters can be used on a mini travel size felt board.

Homemade letters of the alphabet are easy to make and fun to use in literacy activities.  


Felt letters of the alphabet for felt board activities - Preschool Toolkit

You can also make your own felt board and start using the colorful felt letters.

Here are a few ideas for using felt letters on the felt board at home or in the classroom.

1. Make beginning words with two or three familiar letters.

2. Sort letters by color.

3. Sort letters into groups such as vowels, or letters with circles.

4. Spell your name and the names of family members.

5. Which letter is missing in the series? (A-B-?-D)


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