Easiest Felt Board to Make for Preschool Activities

A felt board offers many opportunities for children to play and learn. You can easily make a felt board for use at home or in the classroom. Create stories, games, and activities for your felt board with colorful felt cut-outs, and lots of imagination!

Make your own felt board

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A felt board (also called a flannel board) is easy to make and provides mess-free fun and creativity.

Use either light or dark colored felt for the covering. It should be a color that can offset the felt colors used for the characters and shapes you place on the board.


DIY Felt Board


  • wood, plastic or sturdy cardboard for the felt board
  • a piece of felt that is larger than the board
  • masking tape



Lay the board on top of the felt.

Fold the edges of the felt over the board, one at a time, and tape securely to the board using wide masking tape.


Pull gently on the fabric as you tape it down to maintain a smooth surface on the felt board side.


DIY Felt Board


The felt board works best if it is positioned at an angle to support the felt cut-outs.

Lean the board against a wall or chair. This felt board is sitting on an artist's easel.


DIY Felt Board


Learning through play:

Cut dinosaurs from felt in different colors for a take-away counting game.

5 dinosaurs on a sunny day - (child's name) and a pink dinosaur went out to  play
4 dinosaurs on a sunny day - (child's name) and a green dinosaur went out to play
3 dinosaurs on a sunny day - (child's name) and a yelllow dinosaur went out to play
2 dinosaurs on a sunny day - (child's name) and a blue dinosaur went out to play
1 dinosaur on a sunny day - (child's name) and a red dinosaur went out to play
No dinosaurs inside today - they all went out with their friends to play.


  Felt letters on the felt board

collage for felt letters activities


Felt butterflies book activity

Felt butterflies


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