Easy Aquarium Craft for Kids

Recycle a berry box for this fun activity that can be added to an ocean theme. Kids can draw and cut out goldfish - or bigger fish! - to swim in the aquarium. 

Aquarium craft for kids

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An aquarium craft is fun to make for your fish or ocean theme.

It's a great way to extend your exploration of the characteristics of fish.

  • How do fish breathe underwater?
  • What do fish eat?
  • How do fish swim?

Start the discussion with fun crafts and activities, and lots of interesting books about fish.




 Recycled berry box under the sea craft for kids


You and the kids can make an aquarium together with just a few basic materials.

For the full tutorial visit The Train Driver's Wife where I am a guest blogger.

Hop on over to the website and start your aquarium craft today.


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