Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

These gift-wrapping ideas will help you plan environmentally-friendly alternatives for Christmas giving. Eco-friendly gift wraps and tags contribute to the celebration of Christmas without the added waste. 

wrapping gifts eco friendly ideas


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What is almost as important as giving gifts at Christmas time?

Wrapping gifts!

And kids love to join in the fun of folding, flipping, taping and labeling. 

This means lots of paper and ribbon could be used and thrown out every year.

Traditional gift wraps and trimmings can be replaced with creative uses of everyday materials. 

Fortunately there are alternative ways to wrap gifts with beautiful results.

Contribute to the spirit of Christmas with these fun ideas for wrapping presents..


Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Gift-giving is a traditional part of the Christmas season. The gifts we choose say something meaningful about the recipient.

We want the presentation to be as meaningful as the gift itself, so we choose care when wrapping our gifts. Extending that care to a concern for the environment only adds to the spirit of Christmas.

Here's how we can help.

  • Reuse bows and gift bags received during a previous birthday, anniversary or graduation.
  • Recycle materials we have on hand in creative ways. 

The bloggers featured in this roundup have amazing options for wrapping gifts that reduce waste while providing unique, personal touches to gift-giving!

Browse through the creative gift tags, homemade bows, and hand-painted wrapping papers to find just the right choices for you and your family. 


 Eco friendly gift wrapping alternatives


Homemade Christmas Gift Bags / Messy Little Monster

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Snowman Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Activity / Preschool Toolkit


Innovative ways to wrap gifts with eco-friendly options

Upcycyled Christmas Gift Tags / Danya Banya

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 More eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts

Wrap a shoe box for an eco friendly option for gift giving

 Wrap the bottom and lid of a shoe box separately. 

Place a gift inside the box. Close the lid. Add a homemade bow to the top!


Small box with bow for eco gift wrap option


Decorate a small jewelry box.

Wrap ribbon around the box lid. Add a bow or ribbon cluster to the center.



Recycle tin box for eco gift wrap option


Upcycle a decorative tin cookie can or chocolate box.

Add a bow or ribbon to the top of a clean dry container.

A vintage cookie tin makes a unique gift too!



Use small or large towels as gift wrap


Wrap small gifts inside a fabric gift.

Place kitchen gadgets inside a tea towel, or bath soaps inside a face cloth.

Draw up the edges and secure with ribbon or up-cycled trim.



Make a large gift box smaller


Make a large gift box smaller to hold a small gift.

This easy tutorial will help you adjust a box that's too big!


Start a new tradition contributing to a greener holiday with your own creative, eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts.

Kids can still fold, flip and label, but they'll be doing it with love for all things, which really is the spirit of Christmas.


gift wrapping recycling ideas


More awesome eco-friendly ideas!

Gift Boxes from Shipping Boxes from Brainy Beginnings Network

Gift Wrap Be Gone from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Homemade Christmas Wrap from Learning 4 Kids


Visit Earth Day  on Pinterest for eco-friendly options every day

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