Halloween Paper Shapes Witch

This friendly Halloween witch is easy to make with paper shapes. Kids will use math and fine motor skills in this fun Halloween witch art activity. 

halloween witch kids paper craft 

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Ghosts and bats and witches in tall black hats! Whether silly or spooky, Halloween crafts conjure up all sorts of fun ways to engage early learning skills.

Witches are fun characters to include in your Halloween activities. They are easy to imitate, especially riding on a broom, and there are lots of different ways to create them with art activities.

This Halloween witch is easy for kids to make with paper and scissors and glue. 

It's a simple activity that you can do with toddlers, preschoolers, or older kids.

Kids of different ages will engage with the materials in their own ways. See a few of our results near the end of the post.

Paper shapes witch activity


Supplies for a paper shape witch

Halloween paper craft for kids with shape cutouts



Instructions for a witch art activity

1. Provide paper cutouts in basic shapes - square, circle, triangle, rectangle.

  • Older kids can cut out shapes on their own.  Provide shape cutouts for younger children if preferred.

2. Arrange and rearrange the shapes before gluing.

  • Once kids decide on just the right combination of colors and shapes, they can glue them to a piece of construction paper to make a picture.

This an open-ended art activity which means it doesn't need step-by-step instructions. Kids can be creative with the paper shapes. 

Your witch doesn't have to look as traditional as mine!

Kids of different ages will come up with different ideas.

Here are a few kids creations of the paper shapes witch.


Kids fine motor activity Halloween witch with paper shapes


The best part of this activity will be seeing the pictures kids create from what they observe in books, discuss in a small group, and imagine in their own ways.


Sample lesson plan for Halloween witch

Here are a few ideas for adding 'witch' activities to an A.B.C lesson plan with a Halloween theme.

A.B.C. = Activities  >   Books   >  Crafts


Gross motor

Role play sounds and movements of a witch: laugh with a cackle; fly on a broom; stir a cauldron of witches' brew.

Small group

Make a witch on the felt board with felt cutout shapes.

  • Spread felt pieces on the floor or table. Include body (triangle), arms and legs (rectangle), head (circle), hat (triangle), broom (rectangle).
  • Ask a student to choose a cutout to place on the felt board to begin building a witch.
  • Continue until all students choose a piece to add to the witch.

Talk about each cutout as it is placed on the felt board.

What shape is this? What part of the witch will it be?


Read Witches Four by Marc Brown or Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

As you read together, discuss witches and other Halloween characters.

  • Look for shapes in the pictures.
  • What colors do you see?
  • Do the characters look silly or scary?


Make the paper shapes witch with paper cutouts in a variety of colors and shapes.


Kids Halloween craft with paper cutouts


More ways to play with paper shapes


Halloween math with paper shape cutouts


  • You can extend this Halloween activity by having kids sort the shapes before starting to make a witch. Cutouts can  be sorted by shape or color or even size.

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  • Use shape cutouts to create other Halloween characters.

  • Challenge kids to invent an original monster or ghost character.

Stir the creative cauldron with this fun Halloween art activity!


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