Halloween Witch Made with Paper Shapes

Halloween crafts conjure up ghosts and bats and witches in tall black hats. Add something special to the Halloween theme with a colorful witch kids can make with paper shapes. 

 Make a Halloween Witch with Colorful Paper Shapes - Preschool Toolkit

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This is a simple activity that you can easily do with toddlers, preschoolers, or older kids. It's also an open-ended art activity which means it doesn't need step-by-step instructions.

You might start by reading a Halloween book such as Witches Four by Marc Brown or Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

As you read together, talk about how witches and other Halloween characters look.

  • Can you pick out any shapes in the pictures?
  • What colors do you see?
  • construction paper
  • school glue
  • scissors


Paper Shape Halloween Witch Activity - Preschool Toolkit


1. Cut out shapes for younger children; older kids can cut out shapes on their own.

2. Give kids lots of time to arrange and rearrange the shapes. Once they decide on just the right combination of colors and shapes, they can glue them to a piece of construction paper to make a picture.

Your witch doesn't have to look as traditional as mine!

Paper Cut Out Shapes for Halloween Witch - Preschool Toolkit


3. Sorting activities give kids opportunities to identify colors and shapes. You can extend this Halloween activity by having kids sort the shapes, or the colors, before starting to make a witch. 

 Halloween kid-made witches with paper shapes - Preschool Toolkit

Here are a few versions of the Halloween Shape Witch! Kids of different ages will come up with different interpretations of how their witch should look.

The best part of this activity will be seeing the pictures kids create from what they observe, discuss and imagine.


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